She Is So Annoying!!!!

“Gah! I hate her!!!”

Let’s be honest, ladies. We have all said this at least once and probably thought it hundreds of times. No matter where you are there is some girl that is really fit and that bothers you for some reason. She could be the girl who you see running by your house every…..single…..morning….at 6 am when you are barely conscious.  She could be the girl that you constantly see in those classes spinning, bouncing, or dancing with more pep in her step than you could ever dream of mustering.  It could be the girl who scoffs at the idea of doing cardio again and instead chooses to lift weights with the boys. She could be the girl who is always at the gym and seems to have a magic fountain of motivation hidden in her house for her alone.  She may be beautiful or average.  She may be super thin or amazingly muscular.  Ultimately, it doesn’t matter.  She just annoys you.  And because she annoys you, you avoid her.  You probably don’t talk to her and if you do it probably stays with social niceties. You surely don’t ask her for help in your fitness journey. Oh, Heck No! She has it all together and is too perfect to help little ‘ole you.  You live in the real world where the regular laws of the universe apply.

So, you continue with your workout or not. You push That Annoying Fit Girl out of our mind and you move on with your day. Next day comes and there she is AGAIN!!  She’s running past our house, lifting those weights, performing those yoga poses, and on and on it goes.  She will never stop annoying you because she is just always there.

She Is So Annoying!!!!

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