My Own Story

Well, you have met That Annoying Fit Girl.  The Fit Girl who happens to be writing this blog, at least.  There are so many Fit Girls out there with their own beautiful stories.  I would like to share my own transformation story so that you can know me a little bit better.

Just over two years ago I found myself very overweight and becoming increasingly depressed.  I was quietly depressed.  I didn’t talk about it much with my friends and family.  That includes my husband.  I hated my body and I hated myself for allowing it to get to that point.  Sure, I had a child but that did not justify the place I found myself.

Even though I was upset with my weight I was proud of my recent accomplishment.  I had completed my first half marathon.  I actually managed to carry all that extra weight 13.1 miles, in the rain.  I was proud of that.  Soon after the half marathon I ran a trail 5K. Somehow I overextended my Achilles tendon and was forced to put the running shoes up for quite some time to allow for healing.

During the downtime of healing my leg I knew that being sedentary would be horrible for my already unhealthy body. I knew I had to do something…..but what?  In passing, I said to my husband, “Honey, I think I will start lifting weights while i wait for my leg to heal.”  Much to my surprise, my husband grabbed that statement and ran with it.  He was thrilled and by the end of the weekend we had made plans to start lifting weights together that Monday evening.

So, it began.

For quite awhile, my husband and I lifted weights 3-4 evenings a week.  We knew nothing.  We stumbled through the machines, braved the free weights, and slowly increased the weight.  We had a fun time and every night was like a date. Eventually, his job schedule changed and we couldn’t work out together anymore.  I stumbled along again. I didn’t realize how much I depended on my husband to be my trainer.  I found Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer program on and promised myself I would see it all the way through.  I am so thankful for that program because it taught me so much and made me confident in the weight room all by myself.  I prefer having a partner but I know I can still have a killer workout by myself.

Since completing the LiveFit Trainer I finished a second half marathon after losing 20 lbs.  I completed that race 30 minutes faster than my first.  Hey!  Less weight and stronger muscles makes for faster times.  During training for this half marathon I managed to sprain the same ankle twice.  I took multiple ice baths and probably took way to much Advil to alleviate the constant pain in my knees.  Without listening to my body, I registered for a local full marathon.  I gave up marathon training after a long run ended with me limping and crying for 3 miles.  So ended my running career and I am okay with that.

Once I grieved the end of running I turned my complete attention to the weight room and lifting the most weight I could.  I love lifting heavy.  I love setting a goal and working towards it. I feel strong and powerful.  My confidence has grown by leaps and bounds.  I have discovered that my passion is in fitness and nutrition and I love telling people what I know. Maybe that’s where some of the “annoying” comes from. I have had to learn to dial in how much I talk about fitness with people. Thus, this blog. 😉 I hope you don’t mind.

I have maintained a 20 lb loss since I started my journey.  Right now I am focusing on gaining muscle and that requires eating for growth. The day will come when I decide to cut the fat out and you get to hear all about that process.

Here are my progress pictures from the last two years:


When I took the 2013 pictures I wasn’t too thrilled that they weren’t as dramatic of a change as the 2011/2012 pictures. But, I have to remind myself that building muscle is a slow process and I am building a solid foundation.

I feel tons better physically and emotionally. I am confident that my fitness journey kept me out of the deepest depths of depression. Sure, I have days when I feel down but now I pray, read Scripture, and hit the gym. I find that a bad mood can actually make for an awesome workout. 🙂 And I always walk out of the gym with a smile on my face. There might have been a horrible storm all around me when I arrive but there is sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns when I leave.

Well that’s my story in a nutshell. I will share more as I write more. I really hope I can hear some of your stories. I am so excited about this blog and I can’t wait to see where it goes.  Please join me as I chronicle more of my own journey and share what I learn along the way.

My Own Story

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