Food is FUEL: Perspectives on Food, Part 2

A couple days ago I talked about how relationships with people are far more important to me than whatever nutrition plan I am following.  I do my best to follow my meal plans every day and I control what I can.  I would say I can control about  90-95% of the food I take in.  But, there are those occasions when I find myself in the company of wonderful people and refusing the food offered to me could cause hurt feelings or just mess with the mood of the fellowship.  It is those times that I forget my meal plan, enjoy the food, and the people.  I do so without guilt.  Thankfully, I don’t have any food allergies.  I believe it goes without saying that if you have food allergies you have a legitimate excuse to refuse food no matter the situation.

The second part of my new perspective is that Food is Fuel or Nourishment.  God gave us awesome, strong bodies to live in.  It is our jobs to take good care of them.  You could even say our bodies are temples deserving the best of care.

Hmmmm….that changes things, doesn’t it?  If I am serious about how I treat my body I must follow the logic and consider what kind of gas I put in there.  If you have a top-of-the-line sports car you are going to put in the best gas you can find.  Well, our bodies ARE top-of-the-line sports cars.  Our bodies can do amazing things…..INSANE things.  I need to fuel accordingly.

Since my exercise of choice is heavy weight lifting I have to remember to get plenty of lean protein in my diet.  My muscles just can’t function without it.  To squat or bench press the weights I have my goals set on I have to give my muscles the food they need to grow and increase in strength. When I am not performing the way I would like I always look at my food intake first.  Am I eating enough calories?  Am I drinking enough water?  How is my protein intake?  What about my carbs?  Is there a supplement I should add that will cover a nutrient I can’t seem get enough of in my diet? I know, it sounds rather boring but it is necessary for top performance in fitness and life.

So, you don’t have the same goals I have?  That is perfectly okay.  Everyone is different.  But, you are just as amazing and beautiful.  What are your goals?  Run a marathon?  Run down the street and back?  Swim? Ride your bike? Kick butt in Roller Derby?  Lose body fat? Or just improve your overall health? Whatever you want to accomplish think about food as fuel before pleasure.  Plan your meals according to what you want to accomplish.

Take away point?

Your body is an awesome sports car.  Treat it with care.  FOOD IS FUEL!


Food is FUEL: Perspectives on Food, Part 2

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