Make it FUN!!!

Some of the topics on here have been a bit deep and serious. Whoo! That can be tiring. So, I wanted to take a moment and lighten it up a bit.

You know what is so important to fitness and makin it last? You have got to have FUN!!! Let go of your worries and just rock it. You need to get the workout done so why not rock it?

Let’s take this example….

This guy is having a fun and he doesn’t care what anyone is thinking or doing. šŸ™‚

I confess I could probably film my own version of this video somedays in the gym. There have been plenty of days when I am training alone and have my music on. The music is rocking, the endorphins are flowing, and I just can’t help dancing. Yeah, I probably look like a fool but I am having fun and loving my workout. My fellow gym patrons are probably thinking, “Oh boy! There she goes again.” I don’t care. I hope it can be contagious. Because, honestly I think people need to get over themselves and stop being so serious. Life is short.

What else can you do? Take a fun class. Go for a run with the kids in tow. Go bike riding with family. Play an outside game. Switch up your routine and learn something new. Dance at the gym. Train with friend who will joke with you.

Get your workout done. Train hard. But, make it fun. If it isn’t fun you won’t stick to it.

Anyone want to come dance with me at the gym tonight? šŸ™‚

The gym needs a few more of these guys…

Make it FUN!!!

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