Food is Pleasure: New Perspectives on Food, Part 3

I don’t think there is much that needs to be written about this.

We have already talked about food is for relationship.  In the long run, healthy relationships are more important than the food you eat.

We then talked about how Food is fuel. We need to eat  in such a way that our body gets the fuel it needs to perform the best way it possibly can.

The final point in this equation is that food is for pleasure. Is that a shock?  Or is that relief?

We are supposed to ENJOY food and I believe that when the other two points, relationship and fuel, are in place then we can truly enjoy food.  We can eat and enjoy with balance.

I am still learning this concept.  What would it be like to sit down to a beautiful meal and eat it without any guilt whatsoever.  No guilt….meaning not thinking about skipping breakfast in the morning.  Meaning not thinking about how you can ‘redeem” this meal in the gym next week.   Meaning not hating yourself because you are “cheating” again. What would that be like?

Like I said, I am still learning to find true pleasure in food but I think I am slowly making traction.  I am allowing myself to eat again  and I am slowly changing my body image for the better.

I am seeking true, beautiful balance in everything I eat. I want to eat healthy, nourishing foods to fuel my body so I can achieve my fitness goals and I want to eat other meals that are not on plan without that I guilt I mentioned.  I want both.  I want balance.

What about you?

Food is Pleasure: New Perspectives on Food, Part 3

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