Gym 101: Getting Comfortable in the Gym, Part 3

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Today we are going to talk about the other people in the gym.

Another big response I have gotten when surveying women about why they don’t lift weights is that they don’t want to feel judged by the guys, and even other girls, in there.  They think that if you are new in the gym then you will be judged by the regulars.  Perhaps you will be picked on or talked about quietly.  How awkward and scary is that?!  Who wants to go into the lion’s den?!

Let me in on a little secret….


Yes, it is true. Chances are very much in your favor in that probably 99.9% of the people in the gym don’t care about you being in there.  They are focused on their own workout and won’t waste time worrying about the new girl.

And if there are some people in there who do mock you to your face or to each other then guess what?  That is their problem. Not yours.  You don’t have enough time or energy to waste it on worrying about what other people are thinking.  You have your life to change and make better.  Mocking other people is their personality flaw.  It is their insecurities displaying themselves. Don’t worry about it.

Also, most of the professional looking people in the gym acknowledge that they were new in the gym at one time too.  They remember how scary it was.  They remember how they didn’t know what to do at all.  So, they give you your space.

And finally, most of the people you will see are plugged into their music.  They probably won’t even notice you.  Their music is loud and rocking and they are focusing on that and their next rep.

Acknowledge that there are good people in the gym too.  They won’t all pick on you.  They won’t whisper behind your back.  There are people who genuinely care about you and your success. But, chances are you won’t meet these people until you go into the gym.  You never know.  You just might make an incredible friend who has your back in and out of the gym. I know I have.


Gym 101: Getting Comfortable in the Gym, Part 3

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