GYM 101: Getting Comfortable in the Gym, Part 5

Finally, day five of my little series on getting comfortable in the gym so that you can take your fitness to the next level. Thank you for sticking with me for so long! 🙂

Here is a brief recap of what we have talked about so far….

Find a Good Workout Plan

Learn the Etiquette of the Gym

Don’t Worry About Other People

Make Yourself Comfortable

This article won’t be as long as previous ones because the topic is pretty self-explanatory.


I know. I know. Not everyone is swimming in money.  Neither am I.

But, a personal trainer brings two things that is hard to find elsewhere. Knowledge and Accountability.

A personal trainer is educated in all things gym from stretching, to strength training, and to cardio.  She knows how to put it all together in order to help you achieve YOUR goals.  She knows the science behind it all instead of the myths and rumors that like to circulate around. She is your number one cheerleader and motivator. Find one who will be those things for you.

Your trainer will also provide accountability.  You are paying her to work you out.  So, knowing she is waiting for you at the gym and you are PAYING her cold hard cash I would think you would be motivated to get out the door.  A good trainer will also assist you in your nutrition.  She will hold you accountable for  what you are eating each day.  A poor diet will completely derail all your efforts in the gym.  Find a trainer who will make that very clear.

If you really can’t afford a personal trainer, no worries.  Find a friend or make a friend who is very knowledgeable  about fitness and nutrition. Make her your new best friend.  Tell her you want to learn more and you need someone who will hold you accountable.  She will get in your face about whether you are eating right and making all your workouts. A true friend supports your goals and helps you achieve your dreams.


Thank you for staying with me all week.  I truly hope the posts this week have helped you become more comfortable with going into the gym.  I would love to hear your thoughts!!! 🙂

GYM 101: Getting Comfortable in the Gym, Part 5

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