My Favorite Fitness Websites

I am a research geek.  When I have an interest or passion I will research the fool out of it on the internet and at the library. Overtime, I will develop a list of my favorite websites that I go to over and over.

Today, I want to share my list of favorites and hope you glean some good information too. is my all-time favorite resource and by far the most utilized. I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say I visit there at least once a day.  I followed the Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer  with great success and now I am working my way through Shortcut to Size by Jim Stoppani with my husband. The articles are top-notch and very informative.  And the video demonstrations of the exercises are hard to beat.  This is your encyclopedia of weight lifting.


HaHa!!  You wouldn’t automatically think of YouTube as a exercise resource but it sure is.  Actually, it is quite amazing.  You can find tons of full workouts on there.  Find yourself unable to hit the gym due to time or sickness in the house?  Then hit Youtube and search for full workouts.  You will be surprised what comes up.  There is also tons of exercise demonstrations done by various people.  If I don’t understand what the trainer is doing on I will go to YouTube to see it from another angle or description


I love Zusanna’s workouts!  She is amazing.  You can do her tough workouts at home with minimal equipment.  Many of her workouts require zero equipment except for your willingness to work and many only require one or two dumbbells.  They are short which is awesome for the time-strapped.  You will be done in no more than 20 minutes or so but you will be panting and begging for it to be over.  There was one week when I couldn’t get to the gym at all so I focused on doing these workouts.  I saw a big improvement in my body just from one week.  She has switched to a subscription model for her workouts when previously they were all for free.  I am kind of sad about that for me but happy for her and her success.  However, her first 70 ZWOW workouts remain free and available on her website or Youtube.  That should keep you busy for a long time.  You can also buy her DVD’s if you don’t want to worry about internet connection.  She has released a Power Cardio Series 3 Dvd Set, a Power Yoga set, and a Power Strength Set.  All of them can be done at home.

Girls Gone Strong

I love this page because I love what it exemplifies.  It just drips with strength and dedication.  These ladies completely break all fitness myths about women and I LOVE that.  These ladies lift heavy @$$ weights and stay lean and not “bulky.”  They are beautiful.  The information here is wonderful and motivational.  I want to be one of them when I grow up. 😉  This website is a collaborative effort of some of my favorite figures in the industry. You can go to their personal websites too.  Check out Nia Shanks, Molly Galbraith, and Neghar Fonooni.

Nerd Fitness

I have a confession to make.  I may be a gym rat but at the deepest level I am a total and complete nerd.  I love fantasy, super heroes, reading, games, and completely researching the fool out of my interests.  I guess that is why I was drawn to Nerd Fitness.  He brings my love of fitness and Nerdom together into a nice little bow.  The tagline for his site is “Level up your life, every single day.”  GOSH!  LOVE IT!!  Can I get an ‘Amen’ from my fellow Nerd readers?!  Okay, okay….there is awesome information on the site too.  He has beginner workouts all the way to advanced.  He also offers nutrition advice primarily along the Paleo route. For a taste of this guys personality, check out this article entitled ‘The WORST Fitness Advice You’ll Ever Receive.” You may or may not appreciate his sarcasm.


Think of Facebook for Fitness.  Fitocracy is a social media website where you log your workouts, fulfill challenges, and link up with friends.  It is an awesome supportive site and very motivational. I confess I am not as diligent about logging my workouts as I should but I still love this site.  You can accept “quests” (challenges) and you “level up” as you earn points from how awesome your workouts are. There are also groups that you can join for similar goals or interests.  Maybe this site is a favorite because it goes with my innate nerdiness (see above).   Here is my profile.  Come on by and friend me.  Let me know you came over to Fitocracy through this blog!! 🙂

And finally….


JeFit started out as an app for iPhone or Droid and has evolved to include this awesome website.  I use both the website and the app. I LOVE that I can plan my workouts on the website, sync with my phone, and then head to the gym with plan in hand.  Sure, I could use a piece of paper or a small notebook to write down workouts.  But, I really like the techy side of tracking my progress.  On Sundays, I sit at my computer and enter the following weeks workouts.  Then when I arrive at the gym I pull out my phone and he workout is right there waiting for me.  I strap the phone to my arm and turn on Pandora and Jefit.  Off I go!!  You can enter your workouts on the phone but my poor eyes prefer the computer screen when doing that.  Many members share their workouts with the public so you can search if you need something new.





My Favorite Fitness Websites

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