Yes…You DESERVE This!!!

Okay, we are going to get a little sappy today.

But, I want you to know something….

…..Yeah, you.

YOU!!!  Stop looking away.  And do NOT change websites.  You need to hear this…

Tired Mom…

Overwhelmed Single Girl just trying to make it in the world….

Career Woman…

Empty Nester….

Full-time Caregiver…

Whoever you are…


I will say it again….YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!

You are worthy and you DESERVE this!

You deserve to take an hour each day to focus on YOU.

I know it is so hard.  Day in and day out you give, give, give, and give.  You forget yourself in order to make the world better for those you love and support.  It is so easy to let yourself go because there isn’t much more to give.  You are pouring it all out for others.

You are to be respected and admired for all you do. Really, you are Super Woman.

But, we need to talk about you for a little bit.  It is okay to think about yourself for a little bit.  I give you permission.

The ones you pour into over and over need you to be healthy and available.   YOU need to be healthy.  How can you keep jumping tall buildings with a single leap if you aren’t?!

You need to be selfish for just a little bit because you DESERVE to focus on YOU for a little bit each day.  Your body needs it.  Your emotions need it.  Your mental clarity needs it.

Take an hour a day to exercise for you.  It could be taking a walk outside, doing yoga, going on a bike ride, lifting weights, taking a spin class, etc.  You choose.  But, please take that hour and focus on you.  You will come out feeling so empowered and ready to face the next day.

Will there be obstacles?  Yes.

Just tell whoever that you are taking this hour for YOU and, guess what, you DESERVE this!!

Yes…You DESERVE This!!!

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