Changes Because ‘She is Clothed with Strength’

Hello Everyone!!!

I hope you are enjoying the blog so far.  I am having a blast writing it.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy writing and how the words just flow from my fingers. It is therapeutic in many ways.  It clears my head of all the chatter going on up there. I just hope and pray that it is doing good in that big wide world out there. If I can inspire one woman to improve her body image and her physical body I will have done a good thing and I can sleep well at night.

But, I have a confession to make.  I have not been 100% honest with myself or to you.  I thought I could do a somewhat generic blog about fitness, nutrition, and women’s health.  Yeah.  That was a lie.

I don’t think it is any secret that I am a Christian.  I am passionately in love with my Savior, Jesus Christ.  I seek to follow His will each day and I cover my days in prayer. Or at least, I try. I am praying over this blog every morning before I start writing.  And because of that I am having a check in my spirit.

About what?

Well, I keep getting caught up on the name of the blog.  At first it seemed like such a good idea.  Cute. Controversial. Fun.  I thought it would be great especially with the tagline, “Because we can ALL be that girl.”  I thought it would inspire women to want to be “that” girl.  I guess I figured that because I am inspired by that.

As I prayed I became convicted that the title does not inspire.  It divides.  WHAT?!  How could that be?  Most women are actually alienated by THAT girl. They see a standard they consider impossible to attain.  They see people who they think look down on them.  It is not inspiring at all.  It is demotivating.

Was I presenting myself as the perky, fit girl who looks down on all the other women?  Could be even though that was the absolute last thing I EVER wanted.

I want women to know they are beautiful because there were created by an incredible Creator.  I want them to know that they are WORTH it because of the ONE who made the ultimate sacrifice for them.  I want to speak to women’s hearts and their minds.  And then help them make the change to a healthier lifestyle.

I was doing a dis-service to my readers and potential readers by possibly pushing them away.  How awful!!

I was also not being honest with myself.  I am a Christian.  I am a Follower of Christ.  That is WHO I am!  I am not ashamed of it and never will be.  By not allowing that identity to show I was denying it.  I felt stunted and uninspired.

So, I prayed and I prayed. I knew early on what the problem was but I was so afraid that bringing my faith to the front on this page would cost me readers.  HELLO!! How backwards is that????? I wrestled with God over this for quite awhile.

What if I lose readers?

And? Who’s blog is this anyway?

What about my success?

Who is the author of success?

I just want to help women live healthier lives!

How can you speak to the body and forget the soul and the spirit??

Okay, I got it. Stubborn…I tell ya!

So, ‘That Annoying Fit Girl’ becomes ‘She is Clothed with Strength.’

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25

This verse came to me over and over whenever I prayed about what to change the name to.  You can’t resist the consistency. 😉   The name speaks to my heart and hopefully yours. It opens this blog up to so much more.







It will continue to be a primarily exercise and nutrition website.  I will share workouts, movements, inspiration, funny stories, my journey, and so on.  I will also share devotions and observations from my own walk with Christ. But, I will still keep my tough-as-nails approach to fitness.  That never has to change just because you are a Christ Follower.  Our bodies are our temples and we should care for them accordingly.

So, here we go……

Do you mind sharing with your friends?  I would be honored and humbled for you to share as you see fit.

Note: the domain name will remain the same because it was purchased before I had the change of heart.  It will remain in place for now.  But, everything else will change to reflect everything I wrote here. 🙂


Changes Because ‘She is Clothed with Strength’

3 thoughts on “Changes Because ‘She is Clothed with Strength’

  1. I loved your old title. As a not-so-fit, overweight girl, I loved your tagline and felt that it spoke to your fitness mission. That being said, it IS YOUR blog and if you feel you have more to write than just fitness, more power to you. I love your blog, your fitness & inspirational messages to those, like me, who are rather unfit.


    1. Sarah says:

      Thank you, Scarlett!! It does make me feel better hearing you say that. I am touched to know you love my blog. 🙂 Keep coming back because there will be lots of fitness information in the future.


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