WATER!! I Need More WATER!!

….And So Do YOU!!

Okay, confession time.

I don’t drink enough water. I know. I KNOW!!! Here I am writing a fitness blog of all things and I don’t drink enough water. Sheesh!! I have no idea why this is a problem. I forget. It isn’t a habit. I’d rather be drinking my coffee or tea instead.

But, water is essential for health and fitness. I hate the feeling I have being dehydrated especially during the summer. I don’t sleep well. I retain water weight and that makes me feel fat. My performance in the gym totally stinks. I am grumpy. None of these things are good. And yet, I still struggle.

What are some reasons to drink enough water every day? Here you go….

  • Water controls your appetite.
  • It seems counter-intuitive but drinking water prevents water retention. Yes, more water flushes your body of water.
  • You sleep better.
  • Your body metabolizes fat more efficiently.
  • Water flushes your body of toxins.
  • Your muscles depend on water to contract properly and perform as desired.
  • Your skin thrives on enough water and looks prettier.
  • Dehydration really stinks and could be a major problem for your overall health.

So, what is my solution to my problem?

I have bought myself a massive water bottle.


That giant can hold just over a half gallon of water. I just can’t bring myself to become a “jugger” and carry around a full gallon of water wherever I go. 😉 I compromised on the half gallon. My goal is to drink this bottle dry twice a day. That puts me at just over a full gallon of water (128 oz.).

To achieve this I have to have one bottle down by noon and the second down by 7 pm or so. I say 7 pm because I don’t want to be having to go to the bathroom all night.

Oh, and yes, your bladder does adjust and you won’t have to pee as often as you do when trying to establish a water habit.

A full gallon is a lot of water. I drink that much because it is more conducive to my fitness goals but you may not need or want to drink that much. What is a good rule of thumb?

Take your weight and divide it by 2. That is how many ounces of water you should shoot for each day.

Weight/2= water in oz.

If you weight 140 then you need at least 70 oz. of water. Got it?

Will you help me establish this new habit?  Comment, message on Facebook, whatever.  Keep me accountable!!!

Chug-a-lug Folks!!

WATER!! I Need More WATER!!

2 thoughts on “WATER!! I Need More WATER!!

  1. I am a HUGE water drinker and am always carrying around my 32oz bottle. I love your formula for how much water intake you need daily as I wonder if I drink TOO MUCH water (if that is even possible). Thanks for the info!


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