Tae Kwon Do: A Mother-Son Thing

I love my workouts!  I really do. I have my way of doing things and I confess I am can be be pretty slow to change things up.  I know what works. I know what I understand.  I know what I am good at. And I am nice and cozy right where I am, thank you very much.

Rewind a few weeks ago.  I was looking into a a local church ministry that teaches Tae Kwon Do to the community for free.  You do pay for  belt testing but the actual lessons are free.  For a family who is making a point to live debt free that is a huge blessing.  My son (from henceforth will be called “Little Bodybuilder”), who is almost seven, had a taste of karate when a local master taught lessons at our YMCA for cheap.  At first he refused to take lessons because he “didn’t want to get hit.”  I figured that was a reasonable reason but Mommy Gut said he would love it.  I signed him up and the rest is history.  That boy dived head first into karate and was constantly practising his forms.  When I say constantly I mean he would do forms in the aisle at Walmart while I decided between buying vanilla or chocolate almond milk.  Unfortunately, this local master would only take the young students up to yellow belt (2nd belt) and then you needed to move over to his school and pay a monthly fee.  Kind of sad for us but I know he needs to make a living and I applaud his success.

Imagine my excitement when I found out from a friend about this free ministry at the local church. I do need to mention this church is only about two miles from our house.  That is significant because we live a bit in the boonies and most everything is at least fifteen minutes or more away.

I called the head teacher, or master, or whatever, and we spoke for a good ten minutes.  I was all ready to go when I heard him say, “And we strongly encourage parents to take the classes too so you can help the children practice at home.”  What?!?!  UGH!!!!  A group setting like that is not my thing, Man!  I’m an introvert.  I like to plug in my music and lift weights or go for runs on quiet country roads with nothing but birds and cows.  A group class?!?!  I don’t even do those at the gym.  Well, I do enjoy an occasional spin class but those are dark and I can imagine I am alone.

Okay, Okay, Okay…..OKAY!!!  I will do it.  I LOVE my boy and I want to fuel his passions.

So, now I am taking Tae Kwon Do with Little Bodybuilder. I am actually amazed at what a good workout it is.  I leave every class pretty worn out and sweaty.  Most days I plan it so that I can do a full weight workout beforehand and then take the hour long Tae Kwon Do class.  Yeah, that has made for some pretty awesome grunting from me when he decided to kill us with pushups after I did a full chest/tricep workout or when I died doing squats after a full legs workout.

It is so worth it, though.  The look on my son’s face each class is priceless and urges me on.  It is all about him.  He loves having his Mom right there beside him doing the forms with him.  He will occasionally look over and say, “It is okay, Mom.  You will get it.  I will help you practice at home.” I love him!

So, what is the point of this long winded narrative?

I am learning to try new things.  I do get stuck in my rut.  I know it.  And it helps the body to try new things. I am learning new ways to stretch.  My body is learning new ways to move instead of the typical push/pull/lift.   I know this will improve my overall fitness.  And you know what? I think I am actually starting to like it. 🙂

Here is the form I will have to do all by myself if I want to graduate to the yellow belt.  Little Bodybuilder’s test will be a bit shorter.

What are trying that is new?  Why?  What do you think?

Let me know!!

Tae Kwon Do: A Mother-Son Thing

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