Childhood Cancer, St. Baldrick’s Day, and Why My Hair is so Short

Hey!!  I guess it is time for you to get a picture of the person behind the website.  I did this quickly with my phone so please excuse the quality. 😉

2013-06-27 06.34.36

HELLO!! Nice to meet you!!  I am Sarah of “That Annoying Fit Girl” and I have very short hair.   No, having short hair does not define me or make me special.

I wanted to share with you why I have such short hair.

I confess I started the process of getting this short hair when I was having a really bad hair day.  HaHa!!  I was not happy and while perusing Facebook I saw a friend posted some information about St. Baldrick’s Day.  I was intrigued to say the least.  What started as a rather vain mood turned into something awesome and life changing for me.

What is St. Baldrick’s Day?

It is all about funding research in the battle against childhood cancer.  Here are some interesting facts from the St. Baldrick’s Foundation website.

    • More children are lost to childhood cancer in the US than any other disease–more than any other childhood diseases combined.
    • Before they turn 20, 1 in 300 boys and 1 in 333 girls will be diagnosed with cancer.
    • And, Worldwide a child is diagnosed with cancer every three minutes.

Here is a video I came upon while researching and it impacted me deeply.

Scary, huh?

As I learned about the severity of childhood cancer I looked at my HEALTHY child and I knew I had to do something. I thanked the sweet Lord above for protecting my child from this horrible disease. He is healthy or at least he is for now. I know he is not immune.

I know that if Little Bodybuilder were to be diagnosed with cancer I want state-of-the-art research in place. I want the absolute BEST care for him. And for that to happen this amazing research must be funded.

That is where organizations like the St. Baldricks Foundation come into play. This is a way that private citizens can truly make a differnce by fundraising.

You have heard of organizations like Locks of Love and Pantene Beautiful Lengths where you grow your hair out and then have it cut off so wigs can be made for cancer patients who can’t afford a wig. They are all awesome causes. I have grown my hair out super long and cut for these causes twice now.

I wanted to do something new and different.

What makes St. Baldrick’s unique? You shave your head. 🙂 Yes, SHAVE it. There is no snipping of the ponytail and then styling a cute bob. You sit in a chair and a volunteer with barber clippers shaves down to the scalp.

YES!!! I love it.

I signed up to be a shavee this year back in March. I raised a total of $330 and I figure that is pretty darn good for a first timer. 🙂 Then on March 23rd I had my head shaved.

In the process of it all coming off. My heart rate was so high. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing it.

Freshly shaven. 😉

Post shave Starbucks wearing the beanie I crocheted for the event. It was COLD outside. I had no idea how much heat hair holds in.

It was an amazing experience. I was scared but thrilled to lose all my hair. Just by darn luck I ended up in the lady’s chair who had a small guard on her clippers. So, I wasn’t shaved quite to the skin. But, it was just as dramatic.

I do want to make a special shout-out to my ever loving and supportive husband. He was so supportive through all of this even though he said he loves my hair. Thank you so much, Honey.

With my hair the way it is I have had tons of opportunities to share why with people. It is amazing how many people have asked me why my hair is so short or even if I have cancer. No, I praise the Lord I am healthy but I chose to stand in solidarity with those who aren’t so lucky and bravely lose their hair as they fight Cancer. I have had people who are in the midst of he battle tell mewhat it meant to them that I did this.

I am humbled by it all. I had no idea where one bad hair day would take me. I shaved my head and raised $330 for childhood cancer. THAT, folks, is amazing.

Would you consider helping to make a difference? My fundraising account stays active even after the event. Feel free to visit my profile and donate whatever you feel is appropriate. And who knows, I just might have to do it again. I have been told that participating in St. Baldrick’s Day can be addictive.

Childhood Cancer, St. Baldrick’s Day, and Why My Hair is so Short

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