Meet Molly: My Alter Ego

Let me share something with you.  I am not as Kick Butt as I would like to portray.  I am shy and introverted.  I do not naturally have the personality, motivation, and drive of those other annoying fit girls at my gym have.  I am often second guessing my choices and my own strength.  My confidence is often faked.

Then, how in the world do I lift hard when I would rather curl up in the corner?


I leave Sarah at the door and Molly walks in.

Yes, is true.

I created an alter ego.

NO!  I AM NOT CRAZY!!  Please don’t walk away or try to order a psych hold.

Molly lives at the gym or on the road or wherever I am exercising.  Everywhere else I am Sarah.

I really do a mental switch when I walk into the weight room.

Here is a rather common conversation:

Sarah: “Ugh!  I don’t want to do this!!  I’m tired!  My last workout totally stunk.  Why do this one anyway??  What’s the point?”

Molly: “Hush Up, Woman!!  You aren’t going anywhere.  You just sit right there and feel sorry for yourself.  I’m taking over from here.”

Sarah: *whimpers*

Molly: *fingers in ears* “La La La….can’t hear yooooooou!!  Walking away now!! Oooooo….the squat rack is open.  Let’s do that first!  PR!  Here we come!”

It is kind crazy, I know.  But, it works.  I have found that there are days that I want to quit in the middle of a set or just scrap the whole workout.  Then I think, “What would Molly do in this situation? She is a total bada$$.  Would she quit?”  The answer is pretty much always ‘NO!’ So, I don’t quit.  I keep going till my body stops not my own insecurities.

Now that you need a little bit of my crazy self, what do you do to make sure you get a great workout?  How do you not listen to your doubts?


Meet Molly: My Alter Ego

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