We are so BLESSED!!!!! It is absolutely amazing to think about how blessed we are.

Around July 4th I started reading Jen Hatmaker’s book ‘7’. I had heard good things about it from friends and had perused it one day while at church. I was intrigued with the premise and decided to check it out from the library. I was warned, though, that I would be encountering some rather profound and life-shaking stuff in there. I was ready. Or was I?

The tagline of the books is “an experimental mutiny against excess.” The author took seven months to react against the excess we have here in America. Each month she intentionally decreased in seven areas: clothes, shopping, waste, food, possessions, media, and stress. All the while she writes about other parts of the world that have far less.

I could go on and on and on about this book. It has really opened my eyes more to bigger things. Wow! I am truly humbled.

But, I have also been pondering beyond the seven things mentioned in the book. What about fitness and exercise? What about being picky about eating nutritious, on-plan foods.

The very fact that I can spend my time writing a blog encouraging women to exercise more is astounding to me.

Think about it.  We have enough leisure time each day that we can choose to spend it being lazy or productive.  We don’t have to worry about whether or not we have gotten the water yet.  We don’t have to worry about standing in line for hours to get our daily rations.


Wow.  I am floored at how blessed we are.  I can be picky about what I eat. I have the ability to choose between junk food and healthy food.  It is not a matter of do I or do I not eat today let alone do my children eat today or not. And when we are blessed to receive food of any kind there is no opportunity to choose.  We are just thrilled to have food in our bellies for that day at least.

Then I think about how I exercise.  Most of the time I get in my fully functioning car and I drive to the gym for the sole purpose of molding my body into what I consider healthy.

There are so many points here…

My car….

Free time…

That I have excess fat on my body that I actually want to get rid of…

That I have to go to a gym to work my muscles the way I think they should be worked….


We are truly BLESSED!!!!

I know this is rambling on and on.  Can you tell that I am absolutely amazed and humbled right now?  Do I feel guilty for pursuing fitness as a hobby and career?  NO!  Should you feel guilty about being choosy about how healthy your food is?  No!

We live in a blessed country.

But, I think we should also enjoy the benefits of the USA with our eyes wide open to the rest of the world.  We are not an island.  There are people out there who don’t even know what fitness is because they are just struggling to stay alive.  There are people out there who are so thankful for the one bowl of rice and beans  (if that) they got that day that the idea of eating one thing and not the other is beyond their imagination.

(Side note:  I remember watching the Oprah show years ago and she was interviewing immigrants and their perception of America.  One person was from Ireland and grew up there during an especially bad famine.  This person mentioned how he could not wrap his brain around the odd concept of a ‘diet’ or eating disorder.  I was humbled then too.)

I guess I am just trying to get my thoughts on paper.  It is therapeutic to write. I really could go on and on but I believe you got the idea.  You have gotten a peak into my heart. Thank you for listening.

My take away point?

I ask that we ALL (me included) keep a global perspective.  No guilt for being blessed enough to live here. Just eyes wide open to what is going on elsewhere.  Perhaps we can help those people somehow.  I don’t know.  But, I know my head has come out of the sand and it is not gong back in.


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