Videos that Inspire and Motivate

Do videos inspire you? I am a very visually oriented person and that is my learning style. I have to see things before they really click in my brain. So, I often find myself watching videos on YouTube or wherever that motivate me and inspire me. They could be of athletes that just knock my socks off with their abilities or it could be the Mom downt he road who has an awesome transformation story. Or it could just be someone who had a dream and never, ever gave up on that dream. I will be sharing my favorite videos occasionally and I pray they touch you like they touched me.

You have probably seen this video because it made its way around Facebook and other social media outlets for quite awhile. Just look at the number of views!! But, if you haven’t seen it please watch and be inspired. This guy amazes me every time I watch this video. Yep….tears….every…single…time. 🙂

“Never underestimate what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself. Never Give Up.”

Videos that Inspire and Motivate

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