Ladies, It Is the 21st Century. Stop Segregating Yourselves!

Okay, this is kind of a sensitive topic for me. I can pretty riled up about it.

First, let me say I am not a huge feminist. Yes, I believe in and support equal rights. I am a woman after all. Voting. Equal pay for equal work. I just don’t put much thought into it. I am also very content filling a traditional role in our family as stay-at-home, homeschooling Mom. It works for us.

But, anyway, one area of my life that I most definitely feel the feminist flame flaring up big time is in the gym. The gym is one of the most segregated places I ever go to. It isn’t segregated along racial lines but along gender lines.

Have you noticed it?

If not, go into the gym today and tell me what you see.

At any given time that I go to the gym I will see a bunch of women on the treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and stairmasters. If they are not doing that they are taking a class be it spin, zumba, yoga, boot camp, etc. Before you get defensive….there is NOTHING wrong with any of those workout options.

But, where are the women in the weights area?

Why are women not lifting any dumbbells? Or at least outside of a class?

Why does it have to be women here and men over there?

I know most women don’t feel comfortable stepping over into the weight section. I understand that but with all the resources available to us there is no reason for that to continue.

Honestly, the men don’t care if there are women in the weights section most of the time. So, why are women segregating themselves????

When I think about the feminist movement I think of strong women who would stop at nothing to ensure their voices were heard. Right?

If that is the case why do women keep insisting that they don’t belong in the weights area?


I believe women are STRONG!! There is absolutely ZERO reason why women can’t unlock their potential in the weight room. There is no reason why women can’t out train and out lift the men.

Vintage Image of the "We can do it!" Rosie the Riveter Poster by

And guess what?! You will more than likely reach your weight loss goals faster and better than you ever dreamed possible if you lifted those weights.

And NO you will not get big and bulky but I’ll save that for another post on another day.

So, let’s all join hands and march on over.  I’ll hand you a dumbbell.  And I’ll hand you a barbell.  We will train till our hearts are pounding and the sweat is dripping on the floor. And when we are done we  will show those men whose boss.  Get’er done, Ladies!!!

Ladies, It Is the 21st Century. Stop Segregating Yourselves!

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