From Bulking to Cutting…

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

I’m on vacation.

And guess what?

There has been ZERO exercise. *GASP*

Okay, I guess walking down the mountain from my lovely cabin to get a hand dipped ice cream cone and then walking back counts for exercise. Splashing in the pool with my son counts too. Or putt putt.  Or frisbee golf. Or flipping through my book as I drink coffee while rocking on the porch and staring at the Appalachian mountains. Right?

I’ve also had zero sense of nutrition plan.  I’ve eaten when I wanted and what I wanted.

Oh, the blessed vacation bliss. 🙂

That is about to come to an end, though.  We will be returning home and real life begins again.

When I get home I will be entering a new workout and nutrition plan.

I will be going from bulking, or training and eating to gain muscle, to cutting.  Cutting means I will be training to cut the fat out from between the muscles to show more definition.

The hope is that the bulking phase built the muscles up so that they are more prominent. To build the muscles you must eat more calories beyond maintenance.  Unfortunately, that usually does include gaining some fat. My fat gain has been fairly small but I am ready to get rid of it.

So, A’Cutting I will go.

Here’s the plan….My husband and I will be following the Shortcut to Shred plan over at  It is a 6 week program with 6 workouts a week.  I know life will happen and while I plan to hit the gym for each workout I also know I can get a decent workout at home if needed.

I will also have to be laser beam focused with my diet.  All progress happens in the kitchen.  This will be my struggle.  But, honestly, I am so ready to cut that the diet is not as daunting as I used to think it would be.

I will be posting on my progress as I go through this cutting phase?  Should I post before and after pictures?  I am excited about going through this with you!!  Monday is quickly approaching.  Bring it!!!

After this 6 weeks of Shortcut to Shred I will be doing an experiment that I am very excited about.  But, I will announce that closer to the fact.

From Bulking to Cutting…

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