Back from Vacation and Cardio Acceleration


Those who read my blog regularly were still blessed with scheduled posts I wrote before vacation but the face behind the page was out-of-pocket all week.

I know my Facebook page has been suffering but I just had to unplug for a week.  It felt beyond wonderful to actually be in a place that doesn’t even have Wi-Fi or 3G or 4G or whatever.  I could go to the main building for Wi-Fi if I really REALLY wanted to but I’d rather be rocking and reading my book.

I am back and itching to get back to it.   Well, I am ready assuming I am not swallowed up by this mountain of laundry.

Today marks the start of my new exercise plan.  I am going from bulking (or gaining muscle) to cutting (losing fat).  You might remember my post last Thursday on this subject.

I am excited to change gears. I am beyond ready to train for the goal of losing fat.

The last couple months of  training has involved lifting progressively heavy weights with no cardio.  Woot!!  NO CARDIO!!  I hit quite a few personal records on weights and made great strength gains.  My muscles have grown and I am happy with my progress.

This plan will continue with the weights but I will include a technique called cardio acceleration into the workouts. Check out this brief video of Jim Stoppani explaining what cardio acceleration is. (Note: This Dude has a Ph.D in this stuff and I often go to him for workout information. I am nerdy like that.)

Read this article to get a more thorough explanation and to understand the technique better. I am excited to try this out.

Basically, I will continue lifting weights like I have been doing but instead of taking a rest period between sets I will do a form of cardio for that one minute.  I can do mountain climber, burpees, box jumps, jump roaping, bench step ups, kettlebell swings, etc.  It will be quick and tough.  I have no doubt I will be a sweaty mess at the end of the workout.

Here’s the thing.  The other times I did a cutting phase I would lift the weights and then did some form of cardio. By the time I had to do cardio I RARELY wanted to do it.  I already hate cardio and then tack it on the end of a workout when I am already tired was not a good mix.  Some days I would just skip it.  I know….not exactly a good example, huh?

That’s why I am so excited about this method.  I get the best of both worlds. I get the resistance training AND cardio all the in the same time slot.  There is no having to switch my mind from one to the other.  Boom Boom Boom Boom!  Weights–Cardio—Weights—Cardio—on and on it goes.

I am so ready to get started!!

Can you tell I’m excited?!?!?!?!

I will keep you posted on how it goes.  This is a six week program.  That is good because it is just long enough to make progress but not long enough that I get bored. Ha Ha!

Back from Vacation and Cardio Acceleration

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