Cutting and Diet: Where the REAL Change Happens

Yesterday I started my new workout program.  Shortcut To Shred is proving to be quite a workout.  The cardio acceleration technique kept me sweating and my heart pumping big time the whole workout.  I plugged in my music and moved with a purpose through the workout and I was extra thrilled to see I did it from start to finish in just over an hour.  That absolutely made my day.

The workout, however, is only a small part of the  program.  The real change will happen in the kitchen.  My diet or nutrition plan will be the KEY to my results.

UGH!!  Can I be honest??

I really do hate that nutrition is the key to change.

I’m sure you’ve heard the sayings….

“Abs are made in the kitchen.”

“80% Diet & 20% Training”

“You Can’t Out-Train a Bad Diet!”

They are very annoying but they are very true.

I can exercise all day long because I enjoy it.  I love the endorphins and the rush.  I love seeing progress in my performance and in my appearance.  Going to the gym is a “get to” activity instead of a “have to” activity.

But, following a nutrition plan is hard for me.  It is.

That being said and now that this confession is in the open I will say that me not liking to follow a nutrition plan will not prevent me from actually following one.

I will just put my head down and do what I have to do.

I will be determined and focused.

I will remember that “Food is Fuel” before “Food is Pleasure.”

I will be a victor and remember that while I can eat whatever I want, my goals and ambitions are far bigger than any yummy junk food.

I will lean on my awesome husband for support.

And I will PRAY!!!!

So, here are the details….

I am following the nutrition plan that goes with Shortcut to Shred. It has three phases.  The first phase has the most calories and is broken down into these macros:

1.5 grams protein

1.5 grams carbohydrates

0.5 grams fat

…….per pounds body weight.

The menu plan provided assumes a 180 lb. male so I’m having to tweak it down to fit me.

Phase One is for only one week

Phase two keeps the protein and fat macros the same (1.5 grams and 0.5 grams) and carbohydrates drop to 1 gram/lb body weight.  Phase two is weeks 2 and 3.

Finally, Phase three keeps protein and fat the same once again but carbohydrates drops to 0.5 grams per pound body weight.  Phase three is for weeks 4-6.  It will be hard but the part that will make this phase awesome will be the “re-feed day” each week. That day I will get to load up on the carbohydrates in order to keep my metabolism burning away.

Here is a disclaimer:

We amazingly brought back a fair amount of food back from vacation.  I made a bunch of stews and soups to freeze for the week and we ate none of it.  My family was so generous in sharing their food that we had all this to bring back home. Being that we never waste food we will be eating through all this food first before we dive head first into the nutrition plan.  We will eat the soups and stews for lunch and dinner and follow the plan for breakfast and snacks.  When the vacation food runs out we will switch over to the nutrition plan.

For this reason, we are going to do week one of training twice.  I guess you could say this week is an “ease into it” week and then the REAL fun begins next week.

Here is to a great seven weeks!!!!

Are you following any kind of workout plan?  Where did you get it? What do you think?

Comment and let me know!!!


Cutting and Diet: Where the REAL Change Happens

2 thoughts on “Cutting and Diet: Where the REAL Change Happens

  1. Oh I struggle so much with this too! I love food so much that it’s difficult for me to say no. I know I choose to over do it and it’s certainly something I need to work on.


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