Focus on Goals

Throw away your scale!!!

Or at least put it away in your closet.

I know the lure of the scale.  I know the power it can have over you.

How often do you weight yourself? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? At all?

What happens when you see that number pop up?  Do you feel victory?  Or defeat?  How does it affect your day? Do you feel bummed the rest of the day? Or do you float like a feather all day?

Yeah, I know those fluctuations of emotions.  I feel victorious when I see a “good” number and I feel defeated when I see a “bad” number.

It stinks.

Hear me!

NO ONE should be a slave to the scale!!!!!!

The scale does not define you.

Found at the Curvy and Beautiful FB page...
Found at the Curvy and Beautiful FB page…

Sooooo, what do you do if you give up the scale?

Focus on Goals instead.

What kind of goals?

Increasing strength…

Fitting into those favorite jeans……

Wearing a swimsuit with confidence……

Lowering your blood pressure and/or cholesterol……

Running a race….

Playing with your kids without getting winded…..

Do you notice a trend here?

There is no mention of weight.  There is no need for a scale.

Try this. Pick a goal and pursue it with passion. And guess what?  I bet you will achieve your weight goals without even thinking about it.  And instead of being a slave to your scale you will gain confidence as you achieve each goal.

I think that is far better.  Don’t you?

Tell me… do you feel about the scale? What kind of goals do you have right now??  I’d love to hear your stories. 🙂

Focus on Goals

2 thoughts on “Focus on Goals

  1. You wrote this for me didn’t you? I am SUCH a slave to the scale – it’s horrible. I too get depressed when I see the number go up and celebrate when it goes down – even if it’s only been 4 days. I’m trying to be better, but it’s hard. THOUGH today, LO & I walked the mall and a number of stores and I felt GREAT afterward. I haven’t felt that good upon leaving the mall in a long time. I was so proud of what I have accomplished!


    1. Sarah says:

      So happy for your victory!!! I used to walk the mall all the time with my Mom when I was younger and I loved it!!! Good exercise and good memories. 🙂


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