Workout Challenge: PLANKS

Just like BURPEES I really do have a LOVE-HATE relationship with planks.

I love how effective they are for conditioning my entire core but I really hate them while performing them.

Whoever is with me when I’m doing planks is very familiar with how my entire body shakes and how I just can’t do them without vocalizing how I feel.

“Oh Shoot!”


“It hurts!”


You get the picture.

But, planks also rock my world with how effective they are for the core.  For that reason we are doing them for this weeks workout challenge. 🙂  You can thank me later.

Not familiar with the good ‘ole plank?  Here’s a quick video to show you how to do them.


This week focus on your plank and how long you can hold the plank.

Start with 15 seconds.

Do multiple sets of 15 second planks.

Once those are easy progress to 30 seconds.

Your goal is to do 1 minute planks consistently.

The cool thing about planks is that you can do them wherever you are in your house easily. You won’t be jumping around like burpees. Just take a little bit of floor space and hold the plank during the commercials or inbetween chores.

Are you a total rockstar and can already out-do me with planks? Look at these variations to give yourself more of a challenge.


Workout Challenge: PLANKS

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