Exercising the Mind: Scripture Memory

A lot of the blog is focused on exercising our bodies. Molding them through physical work into healthy vessels. But, a crucial part of this whole process is exercising the mind too. I would argue that majority of our success comes straight from having a strong and in shape mind.

There are tons of ways that we can work our minds.



Taking on new challenges

One of my favorite things to do to exercise my mind is Scripture Memory. I’m not always the best keeping up with the habit but when I am doing it my life is blessed beyond measure.

Ever since I became a Christian I knew deep down in my soul that Scripture Memory should be a high priority in my walk with the Lord. When I became a Mom I knew that I wanted my son to memorize scripture and for that to happen I knew I needed to set an example of memorizing. I will commit to memorize scripture, write out a few flash cards, and get started. There is no system to it and needless to say, it was way too easy to fall out of the habit. Once again, I would quit and of all things, scripture memory.

I have looked and looked for a memory system that would work for me. I have finally found one. I am so thankful for the Simply Charlotte Mason website and their Scripture Memory System. I created my “memory box” last week and I am amazed at how easy it is to follow this system and to Hide God’s Word in my heart.

Here is how it works:

Get an index card box, tons of index cards, and forty-one tabbed dividers. Label the dividers as follows: 1 divider-Daily, 1 Divider-Odd, 1 Divider-Even, 7 Dividers-Days of the Week (Sunday-Monday), and 31 dividers-Numbered 1-31.

Then write down any verses you already have committed to memory on cards and place them behind the numbered tabs, distributed evenly. (I am so far behind in my memory verses that I could not do this).

Write down your first set of memory verses and place them either in front of the daily tab or in the back of the box.  Take your first verse and place it behind the daily tab.  You are ready to get started!

Here is my memory box with my “Daily” Verse of the day.
Here is my memory box with my “Daily” Verse of the day.

Once you have commited your first “Daily” verse to memory move it back to either the Odd or Even tab. As you memorize more verses you will have enough cards to advance from the “Odd” and “Even” to the “Days of the Week’ and then to the numbered tabs. Just keep advancing each level as you move your ‘Daily” verse back.

A verse I want to memorize in the "odd" section.
A verse I want to memorize in the “odd” section.

So, this is how it would work. Today is Monday, the 12th. You will work on your “Daily” verse and review the verses behind the “Even” tab since 12 is an even number, behind the Monday tab, and behind day number 12. You will review a new verse every day and then every other day, once a week, and finally once a month.

Make sense??

Have you ever considered memorizing Scripture as a daily discipline?

For further edification watch this video by John Piper on the reasons for memorizing Scripture.


Note: This blog post was originally written over at Glory in the Clutter.  It is a blog I wrote years ago and all material is original and written by me.

Exercising the Mind: Scripture Memory

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