Personal Responsibility: The First Step to Happiness

When something wrong happens in our lives what is the first thing we usually do?

Other than yelling, “PLOT TWIST!” (What? You don’t do that??)

I don’t know about you but I have a tendancy to find someone or something to blame for what went wrong. That is my natural tendency and I feel pretty safe in saying that is your natural tendency too.

If I fail at something it is because someone else blocked my success or circumstances just weren’t right or Jupitor wasn’t in line with Mars.

But, that never works. I feel just as miserable as I did before and maybe even more miserable. I find myself stuck in a world that I cannot control and there is no way out. Despair is the only path. Then I find myself going from problem to problem because nothing ever gets solved.

What happens when we take responsbility for our own actions and success?

We enter a world that we can control.

You can control your actions.

You can control your thoughts.

The level of your happiness is directly proportional to how much personal responsibility you accept.

How does this translate to a fitness and nutrition blog?

You control what goes into your mouth. I am pretty confident no one tied you to chair and shoved that piece of cake or bag of chips down your throat. You made the decision to eat it and then you ate it. Simple.

It is the same with your exercise. I do know this can be a bit more tricky than food because circumstances really do come up that are out of your control but real situations like that are more rare than you think. You may not be able to get to the gym due to sickness or whatever but you can still exercise at home. You make the choice to exercise or not. Other people do not.

I don’t want to come across as being mean or in your face about it. I am not pointing my finger at you. After all, that would mean I have three fingers pointing back at me.

I am just saying that YOU control YOU. And when YOU control YOU, you can change how you do things.

So, you ate that cake. Was it yummy? Good. Now acknowledge that you did something you didn’t want to do. Pinpoint what happened. Take notes for the future and move on. Learn from the mistake and then walk away.

You missed your workout yesteray? Why? What events lead up to you making that decision? Could you have done it differently? Learn and do it better the next day.

Personal responsibility.

It really will make your life easier and happier.

To improve yourself you need to learn from your mistakes. To learn from you mistakes you have to acknowledge the mistakes and take responsibility for them.

You are in charge of YOU.

Enjoy LIFE!!!

Personal Responsibility: The First Step to Happiness

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