Don’t Wait: Start Where You Are

Let me know if you ever entertain these thoughts…..

I’ll start Monday.

When I can afford a gym I will get in shape.

When the kids are back in school I will be serious about my exercise.

When the kids are older….

When I can afford better food….

When things slow down at work….

When I lose X pounds I will….

My New Year’s Resolution is….

I have had many of the same thoughts.

But, the truth is that they are just excuses. Don’t let excuses run your life.  Ever!  They are merely lies we tell ourselves to protect us from doing new and scary things.

When it comes to starting a fitness routine you have to start somewhere and that place is right here and right now.

Change has to start now and not in the future.

If you want it….truly want it…you have to go after it.

The first step is always the hardest.

It is scary to step out the door for a walk or a run.  Just the thought of stepping into that gym can shake you.

But, you have to do something.


Go grab the best set of exercise clothes you have.  (Do NOT going shopping.) Use what you have. Put it on.

Take a deep breath.

Say to yourself, “I CAN DO THIS!”

Say that again…

And again….

Then start moving.

You can go for a walk. Go for a run.  Start jumping rope. Get in the car and drive to the gym (You have to get out of the car and actually go in the gym. LOL!). Do some burpees. Do some pushups.  Pick a Youtube video to do.

Whatever you choose, do something.

Be proud.

YEAH! You didn’t listen to any of your excuses for waiting to a later date. You started right here and right now.

Pat yourself on the back.

You did the first step and now it will get easier from here on out.

Now repeat tomorrow.

Don’t Wait: Start Where You Are

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