Count Your Blessings…One by One


Do you remember my post on Scripture Memory last week?

That is one of ways I like to keep my faith at the forefront of my mind and my day.

Today, I want to talk about another habit.



Good Things

God Winks

Whatever you want to call them, we need to count them.

I know this is not a new idea. I mean, the absolutely beautiful Ann Voskamp of A Holy Experience wrote the book on it.

When I feel particularly down I like to put myself through what I like to call “Blessings Therapy.”  That is when I sit down with a piece of paper and I just start writing all the good things in my life.

Some are big….like my ever loving and faithful husband

Some are teeny tiny….like that sweet bluebird I just saw out my back window.

Size doesn’t matter.  If it is good, I write it down.

And then I stare at my paper and thank the Giver of all good things for all the blessings in my life.



It works.

But, you know what.  I really should count my blessings each and EVERY day.  I shouldn’t wait until I feel sad and low and then seek blessings as ‘therapy.’  Counting the good things need to be as regular in my day as prayer and reading Scripture.

With that said…

I am going to start following the ‘Joy Dare Collection’ and writing down three blessings over at my Facebook Page everday. You can get the ‘Joy Dare Collection’ for the whole year here. I know more than half the year is gone but you start here and now, right? Count 3 blessings a day and you’ll hit one thousand before you know it.

Will you join me?

I would love to start a small (or large *wink*) community of counters on my Page.

It starts TODAY!!

Count Your Blessings…One by One

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