Consider Your Words: What Are We Teaching Our Children?

Heart Girl

Today, I want to talk about something that is very close to my heart.

That is how we talk about our bodies…especially around our children.

Our children are sponges and they take in everything we say.  That includes the good and the bad.  They pick up on our attitudes and our opinions.

I know I am guilty of show discontent with my body around my son.  I make a point to never say, “I really dislike X, Y, or Z about my body” straight to him.  But, I know he has heard me make hard statements to other people. If he is around me he is going to pick up on what I say.

What is this teaching my son??

Mommy is not happy with her body.  I wonder what is wrong with mine.

Not good.

My desire for my son is to love his body for the amazing creation that it is.  I want him to see his body as a Temple.  It is worthy of our care because God created it.

I want him to view exercise as a good thing because it keeps his amazing body healthy, strong, and active.

I don’t want him thinking we exercise to keep ourselves pretty, handsome, or to fix something he doesn’t like.  At that point, exercise becomes a chore and a curse that will ultimately bear no fruit.


We will never be satisfied with our bodies.  We live in an imperfect, fallen vessel. Amazing?  Yes. But, still imperfect.

So, let’s consider our words.

Do we (me included) demonstrate discontent for our bodies around children?

Directly or indirectly?

If we do, we have got to change the family tree.  We cannot pass the curse of bad body image onto our children.

It is hard to break that curse in ourselves.  Let’s not pass it down.


Let’s covenant together right here and right now that everyone reading this (or writing this) will STOP ALL poor body image talk around our children.

Let’s covenant that we will teach our children that their bodies are AMAZING POWERHOUSES that God created with a purpose.

Let’s covenant that we will teach our children that they can do whatever they darn well please with that AMAZING BODY with the proper training and diet.

We could really start a movement.

Join me?

Consider Your Words: What Are We Teaching Our Children?

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