New Workout Challenge and a VIDEO….of ME!!


I’ve been thinking about the workout challenges lately after talking with my ever supportive husband. He made the point that most challenges last a month or so. One week in between challenges is just too quick and who honestly does them each week.

Can you prove him wrong?? If so, please comment. LOL!

So, I’m going to post a monthly workout challenge that will be a bit more challenging and more fun. That includes for me too.

With No Further Ado…

The new workout challenge was inspired by the people over at FiveX3 Training.

I saw the post last week entitled, “How to Carry Your Husband Out of Burning Building” and I was INTRIGUED. I shared the article on my Facebook page and messaged my husband saying, “Challenge Accepted! All you have to do is lie on the floor motionless.” His reply? “I can do that.”

So, my challenge to you for the month is to train yourself to pick up another adult from the ground (like he/she is unconscience) and carry that person out of the room.

That person can be a husband, wife, teenage child, stranger at the gym, etc. Small children don’t count because we already pick them up all the time.

Yes, I know. It is hard. Think about how practical that is!!!! Think about how empowered you will feel when you do that for the first time.

Me? I can’t wait.

Here are some stats for me:

My husband weight 145ish pounds.

I weigh 165ish pounds.

So, the feat won’t be as impressive as the lady who originally sounded this challenge. Maybe I’ll upgrade to a bigger male later. 😉

And now the video part…

I was thinking some more (Dang! Gotta watch out for that thinking stuff) and I figured I needed more flare to my blog. I am a big reader so I don’t mind reading long posts but I know a lot of people don’t want to always be reading.

Pictures are good.

Videos are good.

We are a visual society.

I am going to start taking videos of myself or whatever and posting them here. I’m not promising a certain frequency but it will be more than one every blue moon. *wink*

So, here goes nothing….This is ME!!! 🙂

Holy Moly! I can’t believe I just did that. 🙂 There is a steep learning curve when it comes to videos. So, bear with me as I learn and improve. I just figured if I want to do videos I have to start somewhere.

Looking to the future!!!

New Workout Challenge and a VIDEO….of ME!!

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