My Gym Superstitions

Let’s call today “Pick on Sarah” Day.

I deserve it somedays.

Like today, I was thinking about all of my gym supersitions I have developed over the years.  Kind of stupid but they sure do stick.

Here is a handful…

The weight plates MUST match. 

Top = BAD Bottom = GOOD
Top = BAD
Bottom = GOOD

My gym has two different types of plates.  One set is thicker and black colored and the other is thinner, more dense, and grayish.

When I  or my partner loads the bar I CANNOT have one gray and one black plate on there. EVER!!  If I do the zombie apocalypse will commence that very day or the weight will come crashing down on my head crushing me and turn me into a zombie.

The weights MUST be pointing inwards.

Top = BAD Bottom = GOOD
Top = BAD
Bottom = GOOD

This is another matching issue.

The plates have a flat surface on the outside and the inside is more indented for grip and also where the weight number is printed.

When the plates are loaded on the bar the indented side MUST be facing inwards, or towards me.  I just can’t fathom having one flat side and one indented side pointing towards me.

I mean it will most definitely tilt over and I will fall to my doom right there.  A zombie to never die.

The handles of the dumbbells must match (catching a trend here?)

Top = GOOD Bottom = BAD
Top = GOOD
Bottom = BAD

There is two different kinds of grips on the dumbbells at my gym.  Some are flat and some have a more raised handle.

I CANNOT have one flat and one raised grip.  I will be off balance.  It does not matter if the weight is absolutely the same.  I will be off balance.  The force will be disturbed.

I have my favorite gym shoes

They are falling apart.
They are falling apart.

These shoes carried me through my second half marathon.

I have achieved all my major personal lifting records while wearing these shoes.

They  are worn out but only because of hard work.

I really do need new shoes but these shoes are so comfy.

The bottoms are worn to the point that I can feel the floor which is good for deadlifts and squats.

Call it superstition or sentimental but it will be kind of sad when these shoes are gone.

I really hate when the dumbbells are out of order

I didn’t take a picture of this one but it is kind self-explanatory anyway.
When I am done with a particular set of dumbbells, like the 30’s or whatever, I want to put them back in their CORRECT spot.  In that example, I want to put them in between the 25’s and the 35’s.

Is that too hard to ask?!

There have been days when I have totally rearranged the weights so that they flow correctly. (Note: You are welcome, fitness attendant).

I bet you are catching a pattern here.

I am VERY OCD in the gym. Ironically, I am not like that anywhere else in my life. Ask my husband. Heh!

But, there is just something about lifting heavy things that makes me want to ENSURE that everything is where it needs to be, loaded as it should, and the force is perfectly balanced.

I really don’t want to become a zombie. 😉

My Gym Superstitions

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