Saranac b-grl Workout Gloves: A Review

I have made the most awesome discovery in the world of weightlifting. Well, in my world of weightlifting! So awesome that I had to dedicate an entire post to it.

I have TINY hands. Over the years these tiny hands have come to haunt me. I was told I could not play piano very well because my finger span was too small. I could never reach an octave! It comes up every so often when someone just comments, “Wow! You have tiny hands!” If only I could spread some of that tiny-ness to other parts of my body. LOL!!! 😉

One of the problems of tiny hands is that I have NOT been able to find a pair of weightlifting gloves that fit my hands snuggly. I wanted to wear gloves to prevent calluses and give me extra grip and padding. All the gloves I have tried are too big and slip when I grip the bar. The sliding of the material then causes calluses!! UGH!! So, for a very long time I did not wear gloves because they were pointless and I could get a better grip without them. I actually felt safer without the gloves.

Then the planets aligned and the Lord smiled down on me and I found a pair of gloves at a local sporting store that FIT MY HANDS!!!



Saranac b-grl Workout Gloves
ROCK my world!

I usually don’t go for products that are made pink just to look more girly. I guess that’s the Tomboy in me. But, I can look past the pink highlights in these gloves.

The biggest reason I love these gloves is quite obvious by now. They fit my hands. They dont slip off or around while I am lifting. If you have tiny hands like I do, get these glvoes right now.

The padding is awesome. I have a nerve in my hand that tends to get pinched when I am lifting heavier weights mainly during the bench press or dumbbell shoulder press. I have actually dropped the dumbbell when the nerve was pinched and I just let go because it hurt so badly. Not good. I have not had that problem since I started wearing these gloves. The padding is just enough and placed just right.

There are two loops on each hand in between the fingers. At first I was confused by these loops but once I put them on it made perfect sense. These gloves fit so snuggly that they can be a booger to pull off. So, the loops really help getting these gloves off especially when your hands have been sweating.

There you have it. AWESOME gloves that fit TINY hands. Get you some!!


Saranac b-grl Workout Gloves: A Review

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