For Your Shopping Pleasure…

I am participating in the Blogelina Commentathon this week and that means a lot of reading and commenting on up to 50 blogs in a week. WOW!! It is an awesome way to support fellow bloggers and to be seen by fellow bloggers.

Feel free to go back and read my submission in the event HERE!

So, I will be focused on participating in that this week and I won’t be blogging over here for a little while. It kind of feels nice to go “outside” and finally see what’s out there for a few days. You know?

In the meantime, I added a new Menu Item on the top line called SHOP. That is where I am going to put my Amazon Associates (an affiliate program) store for you to shop in. You can buy things I’ve listed but even if you don’t buy what I listed and buy something else I will still get credit for that sale. It only works if you click through my links to get to Amazon. Makes sense? Any and all support is appreciated.

I just started working on that store a couple days ago. I will be adding more items and more categories as time goes on. Everything I list has my full support behind it.

Have a wonderful day!! I am off to read some awesome blogs!! 🙂

For Your Shopping Pleasure…

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