Body-Weight Exercise: Changing Things Up

There is a lot of new stuff going on right now in my little fitness world.

First, I am on day 3 of  The Virgin Diet.

If you want to learn more about this way of eating you can go here and get the book or you can read my previous blog post  about why I am doing it. So far so good. I will give a more thorough update later.

This is a completely different way of eating for a few weeks and could potentially change the way I eat for the foreseeable future.  It is a lot of change.

Up till now I have been following a fairly traditional weight-lifting program that involved a lot of heavy lifting.  I did all the major lifts (squats, deadlift, bench press, and military press) and progressed in all of them.  I have been very happy with my progress.

But, I need a change.

I hate to admit this but I have been getting a bit bored with the weight room.  I do love the workouts. And I LOVE the results but as in everything else a change can breathe new life into even the best things.

I have noticed an area where I really lack in my training.

Body-weight exercises.

Oh man.  I am so weak in that area.  I can go into a weight room and lift with the best of them but I will be a gasping for air after only one circuit of body-weight type exercises. I am good at muscular strength but terrible at muscular endurance.

I need to fix this.

So, for the next few weeks while I go through The Virgin Diet. I will focus on Body-weight exercises.

I will get workouts from YouTube and create my own workouts.  I will use minimal equipment.  The idea is how would I workout if I were not at the gym with all the equipment at my disposal.  This will be good for my overall fitness and for me as a trainer (to be 😉 ).

I am very excited to change things up and focus on a different way of exercising. And I am excited to see how this changes my body.

For inspiration, here is an awesome video of 44 different body-weight exercises:

Comment if you have ideas for an awesome workout I could do!!!!



Body-Weight Exercise: Changing Things Up

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