Rest: An Important Part of the Fitness Puzzle

May I confess something to you?

*Looking around*

Promise not to judge me?

Okay, I have hardly gone to the gym this week let alone done any kind of exercise.

There, I said it.

I had not planned it this way but it kind of fell into place. This week started out being very new with starting an elimination diet (The Virgin Diet) and not knowing how my body would react to it. I planned on taking it easy in general until I had a sense for how I was doing.  I wrote a post on Wednesday about planning to do body-weight exercise training for the next few weeks.  And that is still the plan for sure.

Then my son got sick with a cold and I couldn’t bring him to the gym with me.  I took that day off from the gym.  Then that turned into another day of sickness and no gym.

I could have exercised at home.  Isn’t that the whole point of focusing on body-weight training for awhile??   You can do it wherever you are?!  Yes, that is the whole point.

But, this may sound kind of hokey or crazy but something deep inside just told me to rest for awhile.  It wasn’t a feeling of laziness or “I don’t want to’s”.  It was just a sense of calm and “It is okay to rest for a few days.”

And guess what?

I am feeling fabulous this week.

I can’t wait to get back to it. It is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG on Monday! (always Monday, right?!?!)

diet on monday
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The whole point of the post, I guess, is to say that I am not superhuman. I don’t exercise every single day. Things happen in life that gets in the way. I get tired. I need to recuperate. I need to rest.

Rest is very much a part of the fitness puzzle. Change happens when we sleep not when we exercise. That is why we make a point to sleep a decent amount each night and that is why we integrate rest days into our fitness programs.

But, it is also okay to take a few days off if you honestly need them. Don’t feel guilty about it.

Wait, hold that thought. It kind of depends on why you skipping out. Are you just feeling lazy and unmotivated and would rather eat junk food and watch tv all day? You can probably push through that and create your own motivation.

But, if you are still motivated to stay the path but you just KNOW that rest would do you more good then please listen to your body and rest.

Just make a PLAN for how many days your rest period will be and when your start date will be.


I PLAN to be back in the gym on Monday.  I will have a workout in hand and I will be ready to go.

Do you want to hold me accountable?

Rest: An Important Part of the Fitness Puzzle

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