You Are Worth So Much More

looking into sunshine

I remember when I was just starting my fitness and health journey I would ask myself, “Why am I doing this? I mean it is so hard sometimes and what is it going to accomplish?” It was so much easier to put my head down, sit down, and eat whatever fatty, sugary food I was craving at that moment. It was so much easier to just say, “Oh, I’ll start….someday.”

But, then I realized something….

I was denying myself a very fundamental truth.

I was denying myself the TRUTH that I am worth so much more and I deserve the very best.

Have you ever heard someone say, “This is not very good work. I know you can do so much better,” or “Let him go, Honey. He didn’t deserve you. You deserve so much better.”

It is the same when it comes to food and exercise.

I AM worth more than that bag of chips.

I AM worth more than that bag of cookies.

I AM worth more than the endless cycle of defeat and self-hatred.

And because I am worth more than all this I can put a stop to it all. I can choose to NOURISH my body with the foods it needs and DESERVES. I can MOVE my body in such a way that it improves over time.

Before you can make a true, life-altering change you have to accept that you are WORTH it. If you don’t accept that you will oh so easily fall back into the pit of defeat. And chances are you will sink even deeper than you did before now.

It is time to draw a line in the sand…

One side of the line is your old life of laziness, binge eating, not eating, or whatever your vice is and the other side is your NEW LIFE of taking the steps to a healthier, more energetic, and more confident life.

It is time to say, “THIS STOPS NOW!”

Wait, let’s take a moment for a break. I need to say this. I KNOW that when you are depressed and tired it is extremely hard and near impossible to say, “I am worth it” or “I deserve more.” I KNOW that deep down you don’t believe it and can’t see how that is even possible. I GET IT! I was there.

However, I do know that you can still say, “I am worth it.”

Go ahead, say it…..I’ll wait.

Say it again.

STOP! No objections. You ARE worth it!

Say it with me…… “I…..AM….WORTH….IT!”

Ready? Okay, good….

Step over the line.


Now, say “I was created for victory and I WILL conquer this. I was MADE for more!”

This is the first step in an incredible journey. You have taken the first steps and that is the hardest part.

I am so proud of you. *HUGS*

Let me have the honor of helping you make that change as your personal trainer and/or nutrition coach. Not only will I coach you in either one or both, I will also be your life coach. I will be your counselor and we will take this journey together. The best part is I will be your biggest CHEERLEADER. You won’t be alone. I can promise you that. Would you like more information on online coaching? Shoot me a quick note via my Contact form above and I will get back to you asap. I look forward to hearing from you!!

Blessings Always,


You Are Worth So Much More

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