If You Don’t Like It, Don’t Eat It

dogs eating grass

I’ve got something for you today that is going to BLOW YOUR MIND!

You ready?

Here we go…..


Yep, I give you permission to NOT eat something if you don’t like it.

I write this today because over and over and over as a nutrition coach I hear people say, “This sounds great but I really don’t like chicken. Will you make me eat chicken?” Or “I despise broccoli, please don’t make me eat broccoli.”

What’s my response?


I’ll let you in a dirty little secret of my own. 😉 The second quote about broccoli is actually me. I HATE broccoli!! H.A.T.E. I don’t care how many people tell me that broccoli is their favorite vegetable or how nutritious it is. I absolutely don’t care. To me, broccoli is from the devil and was created AFTER the Fall of Man. Broccoli is right up there with spiders. I can find the tiniest morsel of broccoli in a dish. I will pull it out of my meals but then the rest of the meal is tainted by the disgusting veggie.

Do you get the picture?

Food is meant to be enjoyed.

Even when you are trying to achieve body composition or performance goals. It is perfectly okay to want to enjoy your food and all its unique characteristics.

I might recommend to a client for her or him to eat chicken and asparagus for dinner.  What if the client really doesn’t like asparagus?  That is totally okay and fine by me.  There are tons of wonderful vegetables out there and this is an awesome opportunity to be adventurous and try them out.

Don’t force yourself to eat something because you think it is healthy or part of a “plan.”

So many people believe that to lose weight you have to deprive yourself and eat boring, simple foods. So, in an effort to lose that weight they follow these cookie cutter plans and are miserable.  If you force yourself to eat something you hate, chances are you are going to resent your plan or your attempts at being healthier.  You will think that trying to get healthy only means being miserable and hungry and you will eventually quit.  Please, don’t do that to yourself.

Cut out the chatter from all over the place telling you to eat foods you don’t like.

Promise yourself you will eat foods you like and you will enjoy your food.





If You Don’t Like It, Don’t Eat It

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