Jesus Is the Mission, Fitness is the Tool

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Hey Everyone!

I usually try to have my weekly posts done over the weekend but that got thrown into the trash can when I came down with yet another cold.  I didn’t get much work done but I did do a lot of thinking and pondering.

One of the things I really thought about, in between naps and cuddles on the couch, was my mission.

What is my mission for this blog? My Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching business?

What do I want to accomplish and what drives me to keep going?

One Word….


You probably remember my HOW FITNESS SAVED ME post.  It was Jesus who saved my life when I was so sad and depressed. It was HIM who gave me hope and wherewithal to get up off the couch. Without the hope and grace HE provides there would be no story here.  There would be no mission.

Then Jesus used fitness to really get me moving.  He used the gym to show me that I am indeed strong and I can do seemingly impossible things. He built my confidence up from nothing. He brought me new friends who share common goals.  He created a passion in me.

He gave me a mission.

My mission is to show people how much Jesus LOVES them.

I want to show them everything Jesus DID for them….from being born to dying to rising again.

I want everyone to know that Jesus thinks the WORLD of them.

You are AWESOME.



You are WORTH IT!

Get the picture?

Jesus IS the mission!

And Fitness is the TOOL.

It was fitness that Jesus used as a tool to make me believe everything about myself He’d been trying to tell me all along.

I can be stubborn sometimes. 😉  Okay, all the time.

So, now I want to use fitness in people’s lives the same way it was used in my life.

I want to show people how fitness will make them feel.  I want to show them how fitness will make their confidence go through the roof.  I want help people to completely re-shape their body AND their body image. I want to show people how to regain their health and their mobility.

I want to show people how healthy food can fuel their performance and make all the fitness possible.  There is hope in the world of food and you can have a HEALTHY relationship with food.

Ultimately, JESUS is the answer and the mission.

And Fitness is the tool I use to lead people there.


But, remember that Jesus loves you more.




Jesus Is the Mission, Fitness is the Tool

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