The Makings of Green Smoothie

Anyone who works with me, hires me as a Nutrition Coach, or is a friend or family of mine know full well of my love affair with Green Smoothies. They are easy, nutritional powerhouses, and super yummy.  I will usually have a green smoothie just about every day….except for today.  It is just too cold right now for anything that involves something frozen.  I think I’d end up as an icicle if I drank one right one.

But, I digress….

Here’s how I typically make my Green Smoothies.

First, I pull out my super-duper, wonderful, new-to-me, Ninja Blender.

Pardon the inperfect picture.  It is rarely dry because I use it all....the....time.  :-)
Pardon the inperfect picture. It is rarely dry because I use it all….the….time. 🙂


I LOVE my new blender. Its predecessor was the cheapest blender we could get at Lowe’s. It was cracked and it took a lot of praying for it to handle a smoothie. This one holds true to the claim that it can turn ice into snow in seconds. I tried. I had snow in seconds. I can add all my smoothie ingredients at once and blend away. It doesn’t bounce on the counter, unscrew itself from the base, or totally burn out the motor.  I am happy.

Next, I pull out my ingredients…

Water or Green Tea (when I remember to have some chilled green tea in the fridge)
Baby Spinach or Mixed Salad Greens
Frozen Banana
Mixed Frozen Fruit
A tablespoon of coconut oil (for those healthy fats and satiety)
Optional, Protein Powder (I’m using this one right now….A  RAW Veggie Protein)

Add all your ingredients if your blender can handle that or add in stages and blend away.

Pretty, huh?
Pretty, huh?

Pour into a cup or a lovely mason jar and drink up. Sometimes I’ll put my smoothie in a Nalgene Bottle
with reusable straw when going to work. You REALLY want the straw when driving because you REALLY don’t want to get hit in the face with a glob of smoothie that came out too fast. Don’t ask me how I know.


This particular smoothie had strawberries as the second fruit addition. You could add blueberries to give it a more purple color.

It is recommended to consume a leafy green every day for optimal nutrition.  Green smoothies are a simple way to do just that.  You can play around with flavors.  You can play around with ratios of veggies  to fruit.  The possibilities are endless.  ENJOY!!!

And in case you were wondering, that index card in the background of all the pictures is a Scripture verse. When we come across a favorite verse we write it down on an index card and post it somewhere around the house. Nothing fancy…..just Scripture.



The Makings of Green Smoothie

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