I NEED A Haircut!!!

Watch this video to get the scoop!!

(Note: Yep!  That’s me in the RAW! 😉  It has been kind of a rough week with sickness, cabin fever from the winter storm, etc. etc. etc. But, I wanted to get this video made and up.  I am a REAL person. HaHa!)

Did you catch the deal?

If I get 5 ORDERS….


10 ITEMS ordered

by March 7th …

EDITED TO ADD: The event is actually MARCH 8th. OOPS!!! My video still stands, though. You have till March 7th to get those orders in if you want to see me go bald. 🙂

I will SHAVE MY HEAD for St. Baldrick’s Day on March 9th (8TH!!!)

Do you remember reading this blog post from awhile ago? I talked about my experience with St. Baldrick’s Day from last year.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Here’s a picture from last year.


(Note again: And YES that is same fleece I’m wearing in the video. I love it that much. I bought it when I was studying abroad at Oxford University in England. It is so warm and comfy and it is over 15 years old but hardly shows any age. So there! )

This year I decided to let y’all make the decision for me.  I kind of want to do it again…..so, let’s make this happen.

Go HERE to make your order and then sit back and wait for freshly shaven pictures.






I NEED A Haircut!!!

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