Honesty Builds Trust


Hey Everyone!

I have a confession to make.


I’m not perfect.

There I said it.

I guess I could present myself as the perfect coach who has complete control of my food and exercise at all times. I never have a craving.  I never have a cheat meal. I never miss a workout. I drink a gallon of water a day with no fail and I never get less than 8 hours of sleep.  I could say my body is perfect and the envy of all those who come near me.

But, then I wouldn’t be a real person, would I?

Could you believe and trust someone who does not struggle like you?

I don’t know about you but I could never approach the people in the gym who exuded ‘perfection.’ My thought was always, “What is she hiding?” I need someone who struggles like me.  I need someone who understands my fears and insecurities.

I need someone who knows what she’s talking about and can coach me, but also someone who can truly HEAR me and help me change.

I need someone who GETS me.

I believe that HONESTY builds TRUST.

Well, I totally understand the struggles so many of you go through.  I have the same struggles.

Want to know about my most recent struggle?

Starting in January I started a fat loss, or ‘cutting,’ phase in my training after a period of muscle building.  I had some fat to lose from eating in a surplus and obviously, from the festivities of the holidays.

January started out well.  I had a solid nutrition plan and an awesome workout plan.  I followed it and I was seeing results. YEAH!

And then reality hit. I got sick with a nasty cold that lasted for too long. It got super cold and yucky down here in the South.  It was the perfect storm that lead to more than I’d like to admit emotional eating.

My results slowed waaaaaaaay down. I did not back track to where I started but my progress crawled at a tortoise pace or stopped all together.

UGH!!!   LIFE!

So,  I ask myself what would I do for a client to figure out why progress was not happening?


Me Coaching Me

1) I would ask how compliant I am to my Nutrition plan.  If I am 100% honest how close was I following the plan that was working in the beginning?

Not so well.

So, it was ME not that plan that was failing.

2) How was I at following my workout plan?  Was I missing workouts I shouldn’t?

I am doing much better with workouts than I am with my nutrition plan.  But, even then if I have to miss the gym I should make a bigger effort to workout at home even if it is a short workout.

3) What is my plan to remedy this situation?

Track every single bite, lick, and taste that goes into my mouth.

I will use the app called FatSecret to record everything I eat so I can see and understand where I am the weakest and then adjust accordingly.

I will use a form I offer to clients to record and figure out level of compliance. Am I at 50% compliance?  Am I at 80%?  Where am I?  Once I know where I am I can improve on that.

Knowledge is power.

It isn’t easy to admit that your coach has flaws too.

But, I really want you to know I am a person and I do totally GET IT.





Honesty Builds Trust

2 thoughts on “Honesty Builds Trust

  1. Susan says:

    You forgot to mention that you also have a friend who lures you into places that serve fried chicken sandwiches and waffle fries & then happily encourages you to eat them with her.
    BTW, we need to do that real soon.


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