Find YOUR Awesome


Have you ever found yourself thumbing through a magazine or surfing the internet, pointing to a picture of some fit person, and say “Gosh!! I want to look like HER!” (Note: Guys are not excluded here. I’m using ‘her’ for ease of writing)

Have you ever ripped that picture of the magazine or printed it off the printer and showed it to other people as a visual representation of your goal?

“I want to look like HER!”

“I want her abs/shoulders/legs/back/whatever!”

“I want to be lean like her!”

“I want to be her!”

Before you bring it up, I will go on record and say that setting goals is HUGE and very important. Having visual reminders of your goal is very helpful too.


Let’s look at these statements. Do you see a common theme? What do these statements, that we’ve all said, really say?

They say, “I want to be SOMEONE ELSE!”

I want someone else’s body because MINE is not good enough.

I am not happy with ME.

I am not content.


This makes me sad, to be honest.  I’ve been just as guilty as the next girl for thinking and saying the same things.  It isn’t fair to me and it isn’t fair to YOU.

We see these pictures that are often unrealistic and we put pressure on ourselves to be skinnier, stronger, fitter, and prettier.  Then we exercise more and eat less all in pursuit of something that is not even ours to be had.

So, the question is….

Does trying to look like that picture make you happy?

I’m going to make an educated guess and say, “No, it doesn’t make you happy.”  It sure as heck doesn’t make ME happy.

It is time to draw a Line in the Sand and say, “IT STOPS HERE!”

Your body was made for one person and one person only.  YOU!!

The girl in the picture?  Her body was made for HER!

There’s no crossing over.

Her muscles are her muscles and your muscles are your muscles.

Your stomach is your stomach and your back is your back.

Our bodies are DIFFERENT and UNIQUE!

Your genes are unique to you and your body responds differently to different things.

So, what works for Picture Girl probably won’t work for you!  Stop trying.

Since that is the truth (scientifically proven) what do you do?!




You are…









You are any of those things and there is absolutely zero reasons why you should waste one millisecond wanting to be someone else or having someone else’s body.

This is why when someone shows me a picture of what she wants to look like I say, “Okay, that look is good for her.  Let’s talk about your goals for your body. You are different.”

It is good to want to be leaner and stronger because you know it will improve your health and quality of life. It is great to want to improve yourself.  It is awesome to become YOUR AWESOME.

It is time to embrace your own strengths and abilities.

It is time to love food and exercise not because you want to be someone else, but because you want to become the most AWESOME YOU.

Close the magazine. Turn off the computer.  Hug Yourself (touchy feely, I know). Go to the Gym. Go for a Run. Eat something delicious. Look in the mirror and say…..,

“You are AWESOME!  I’m doing this for YOU!”


Find YOUR Awesome!





Find YOUR Awesome

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