Victim Vs. Victor: Which One Are You?


Reposted from July 22, 2013

A few months ago I was reading through the archives of one of my all-time favorite Facebook pages/website, Lean Bodies Consulting. I read this article and it hit me profoundly. It was a total “AH HA!” moment.

Let me explain.

When you talking to someone who is dieting, how often do you hear her say, “I can’t have this,that, or the other because I’m on a diet.” Or, “UGH! I want that cookie so bad but I can’t!! Whaaaaaa!”

How annoying is that? It is. And I am completely guilty of it too.

But, let’s look at that attitude for what it really is. It is a VICTIM mentality. You are a victim of the food. The food and what kind of food it is is determining what you do and how you feel about it. And the emotions and feelings are more often than not very negative.

What happens over time? The negative feelings towards food, the I can eat that and not that attitude, eventually backfires. You end up eating every last bit of food that was on your ‘bad’ list. Then you feel guilty about it and you hate yourself for giving in. The negativity cycle continues. Eventually you just get tired and your resolve becomes nothing and all progress is lost.

Let’s flip the coin. What if you said, “I can eat anything I dang well please. But, I CHOOSE not to right now because my goals are more important than that food.”


That completely changes things doesn’t it??? That puts everything in your court. YOU are in control. YOU are in charge. YOU make the choices.  Food has nothing on you. Food is just an object that is neither good or bad. There is empowerment here and I love it.

Empowerment Vs. Deprivation

What would you choose?

It is all about mindset. And mindset is a large percentage (90%?) of your success. Get your mind in the right place and you will go far.

Victim Vs. Victor!  Which one are you??



Victim Vs. Victor: Which One Are You?

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