Introducing a NEW Personal Training Program!!


Sometimes all we need to get started in our journey to fitness is a little guidance from someone who has been where you are now. You need someone more knowledgeable in how to exercise. You need someone who will be your biggest cheerleader and encourager.

If you will let me, I can be that person.


Well, let’s first start with the fancy accreditation.


I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. For those who aren’t familiar with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) it means that I am Personal Trainer Geek. Not only do I know WHAT exercises to do I also know WHY to do them. I get a Geeky pleasure from all things Exercise and Training.

What does that mean?

It means that I will dive into your exercise program with fervor and I WILL see you to your goal.

Why else?


I have been there. I KNOW what it is like to get started from an obese and depressed place. I know the hurdles beginners face. I know the emotions. I know the doubts.

But, I also know the victories. I know the confidence that comes from those victories. I know the fresh perspective. I know the energy and health.

That is why I became a Personal Trainer. I wanted to share my testimony with other people and I want to help them have their own testimony of victory.

What will happen when you sign up for my Personal Training Services?

  • I will send you a bundle of forms to fill out. I know paperwork is not fun but it is essential to me helping you get started.
  • We will take measurements, weight, and pictures for measuring progress.
  • Upon assessing your level of fitness I will give you a workout plan to follow for the first two weeks.
  • These workout plans can be made to fit in a local gym or in your home. Home workouts can be made to fit whatever fitness equipment you have on hand…even just your body-weight.
  • Workout plans will include videos to aid in form and execution.
  • We will change your workout plan every two weeks or so as you progress.
  • You will have access to me via email, Skype, or text. I can answer questions, celebrate a victory with you, help you figure things out that are preventing you from making a change, or convince you to do your workout even when you don’t want to.
  • On-Line Coaching: All this can be done remotely. I use Google Drive and Google Docs to create all the documents I share with my clients. Everything is confidential and private between the two of us. I love Google Drive because I can watch your logs in real-time and make suggestions as needed.
  • I will educate you in fitness. I will send you articles and such so you can gain the knowledge to help yourself.
  • I will support you and be your biggest cheerleader.


Interested? Please shoot me a message via my Contact Form above and I will write you back within 24 hours.


Blessings Always,




Introducing a NEW Personal Training Program!!