A Year of Coaching

Precision Nutrition Coaching For Women
Precision Nutrition Coaching For Women

I have embarked on a very exciting adventure for the next year.  I have signed up to participate in the Precision Nutrition Lean Eating Coaching for Women and I plan to blog the entire experience.

I have been a huge fan and follower of Dr. John Berardi and Precision Nutrition for quite some time.  They have greatly shaped how I view food and coaching others in Nutrition. I guess that is no surprise, huh?  I even went ahead and got my Precision Nutrition Level I Coaching Certificate last year in December and became a for real Nutrition Coach.  That course is top notch and I recommend it to any of my Fitness Pro friends who are looking to expand on their personal training business.  It covers the science of nutrition and also the ‘how’ of coaching.   I loved every minute of that course.  But, that’s not why were are here today.

I have been intrigued by the Lean Eating program for as long as Precision Nutrition has been on my radar.  A full year of being coached on a daily basis in nutrition and training seemed like a dream come true.  I just didn’t think it was good for me.  I’m a professional nutrition coach and personal trainer and I have successfully undergone my own transformation.  Why would I need to go through this program?

It was my husband who said I should do the Lean Eating program.  His answer to my question was, “It is the professionals who have coaches.”   That is so true. Many successful business people have business coaches.  Professional athletes have their own coaches.  So, why wouldn’t a fitness professional have a coach?  Indeed. I couldn’t deny the point that being coached by a professional and experiencing the process would make ME a better coach and, of course, I would also benefit physically and mentally.   So, we saved our pennies and waited for the next round of coaching to arrive in July.

For the last three years I have poured over fitness and nutrition articles and plans.  I have learned.  I have soaked in tons of information. I have tried tons of different workout programs that were written by me or by other people.  I have tried tons of ways to tweak my nutrition. I had great success with most of this stuff but I noticed a flaw in my plans.  I would get bored.  I would do a workout program for awhile, get bored with it, and then switch up the program before I could see what it could really do for me.  So, when the opportunity to be coached for a full year by someone else I jumped at the chance.  I jumped at the chance to take myself out of the decisions and to let someone else tell me what to do. I know full well the coaching staff with Precision Nutrition are experienced professionals and they know how to coach change, even for a fitness nerd.  They have the track record of having coached over 30,000 people. WOW!

The last few months have a been a bit rough for me.  If you haven’t already read my post, Into the Pit and Back, please take a moment to do that now.  It explains a lot about journey into depression and climbing out of it.  I am still healing from that experience.  I am slowly, with God’s help, rebuilding WHO I am and WHAT I was created to do.  I believe the Lean Eating program came at the perfect, God-ordained time because I believe this year will be a year of healing.  I have dedicated this next year to just that.  By joining Lean Eating, I am allowing someone else to pour into me for a full year. It is time for me to be the vulnerable one for once.  I have access to an awesome mentor who wants nothing more than to see me succeed.  By releasing training decisions to this mentor I am freeing up that mind share to work on other important things in my life like my faith, family, and training business.   I am so excited it is hard to even express it in words right now.

Now that we have gone over WHY I am doing Lean Eating let me go over how it is structured.  I was excited to read the reviews by previous participants but when I actually logged into the system on launch day (July 21) I was even more thrilled.  This is top notch stuff, people.

Every day I have three things to work on.

First, there is the workout.  There are three different types of workouts.  There is the typical strength training workout, intervals, and active recovery.   The strength training workout is prescribed with the exercises, sets, and reps.  I printed off a logging spreadsheet and I take that to the gym with me for my records.  Intervals are basically a HIIT routine (High Intensity Interval Training) that I choose for 20-25 minutes.  It could be sprints, jump rope, bicycle, etc.  Then Active Recovery is basically a Rest Day but I still do some kind of activity that is active.  For example, I could do a yoga routine or go for a walk.  Simple activity aids in the recovery from strength training. Sunday is REST day.

Second, you have your Assigned habit to work on.  Precision Nutrition coaches change through Habit Training.  So, every two weeks you are assigned a new habit to focus on.  Each habit builds on the others and before you know it you are a completely new person with an arsenal of habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Third, and I believe my favorite, is the Daily Assignment. This is where you go to work on the mental/emotional aspects of change and healthy living.  The number one thing that must change is mindset.  I log into my homepage and click on the daily assignment.  I read the document and answer the questions.  This is done every single day, including Sunday. Some days it is fun and some days tender spots are touched. In just the week and a half of being in this program I have learned a lot about myself.  I have already had to do some major soul searching.  I can’t wait to see what 50 more weeks brings forth.

Along with the three daily assignments, there is also three forms of measurement I have to submit.  Every week I will have to submit my weight and my measurements and once a month I will submit my progress pictures.  Yes, I will have to submit my nearly naked front, back, and side pictures that my clients love so much. 😉

Well, I think that covers everything. I am half way through week two as I type this. I have 50.5 weeks to go in this program. This is going to be a pretty awesome adventure.


A Year of Coaching

2 thoughts on “A Year of Coaching

  1. Sarah, I so appreciate your honesty and vulnerability in what you share in this blog. I will be looking forward to sharing your journey via your blog. I, too, have gone through some tough times recently, with more to come, and found myself just coasting along but not really thriving. Praise God that He provides the strength we need and brings us through the fire and flames!



    1. Sarah says:

      Hey Holly! THANK YOU for saying that! I confess it isn’t easy being so vulnerable but I just pray that someone somewhere is touched by it and in the process helped 🙂


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