The Advocare 24 Day Challenge: A Story Told in Video


I have decided to participate in the Advocare 24 Day Challenge along with a small group of friends. I have been a big fan of Advocare for quite awhile but I have never done the 24 Day Challenge for myself before now. After some time of stalled progress in my performance goals I figured it was time to dive in head first and see where this takes me.

My goals for this Advocare 24 Day Challenge is to basically give my body a reboot and build it back up so that it is ready to progress in performance. Body Recomposition will possibly be an added bonus. 🙂

I will be keeping a daily video diary of my experience throughout this process. These videos will be shot with my phone and then uploaded directly to YouTube. They will be uncut, unedited, and very real. You’ll be coming along the ride right there with me.

Here are the first two videos I posted yesterday.

Day One of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Overview

From this point forward I’ll be posting on a separate page. You can look up the videos up top under the tab Advocare 24 Day Challenge Video Diary.” I might do weekly roundups as a weekly blog post too to get you caught up.

I’m excited about doing this and I look forward to taking you on the journey!!

To YOUR Journey,

The Advocare 24 Day Challenge: A Story Told in Video

I NEED A Haircut!!!

Watch this video to get the scoop!!

(Note: Yep!  That’s me in the RAW! 😉  It has been kind of a rough week with sickness, cabin fever from the winter storm, etc. etc. etc. But, I wanted to get this video made and up.  I am a REAL person. HaHa!)

Did you catch the deal?

If I get 5 ORDERS….


10 ITEMS ordered

by March 7th …

EDITED TO ADD: The event is actually MARCH 8th. OOPS!!! My video still stands, though. You have till March 7th to get those orders in if you want to see me go bald. 🙂

I will SHAVE MY HEAD for St. Baldrick’s Day on March 9th (8TH!!!)

Do you remember reading this blog post from awhile ago? I talked about my experience with St. Baldrick’s Day from last year.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Here’s a picture from last year.


(Note again: And YES that is same fleece I’m wearing in the video. I love it that much. I bought it when I was studying abroad at Oxford University in England. It is so warm and comfy and it is over 15 years old but hardly shows any age. So there! )

This year I decided to let y’all make the decision for me.  I kind of want to do it again…, let’s make this happen.

Go HERE to make your order and then sit back and wait for freshly shaven pictures.






I NEED A Haircut!!!

And ADVOCARE Makes a Trifecta


You know about my PERSONAL TRAINING SERVICES and my NUTRITION COACHING SERVICES.  You know that I can help you reach your body composition goals and performance goals through training plans and helping you to develop healthy eating habits.  Nutrition and Exercise are the majority of the equation.  Get those right and you will go far.

But, there is another part to the story.


Supplements are not the most important part of your journey to better health but they can definitely help.  Supplements can range from multivitamins to protein powders to energy drinks to meal replacement shakes.  It is a big world.

I have used many different kinds of supplements over the years.  Some of made me pretty happy and others have made me think, “What a waste of money!”  It wasn’t until I tried Advocare that I found a line of supplements that make me very happy all the time.

What am I taking now?

Spark Energy Drink



Herbal Cleanse


I will go into more details of each of these products later on in a future post.  Just know that I am extremely happy with each one!!

How did I get involved with Advocare as the third part of my health passion?

A good friend helped me to see that not only is Advocare an awesome supplement company but they are also an awesome business opportunity.  Hmmmmmm….

You got me on how good the products are but I’ve always been hesitant at joining business opportunities.

I researched and I researched and I researched.

I prayed and I prayed and I prayed.

I sought Godly wisdom.

Here is what sold me:

Advocare is a Christian company.

Advocare has been growing for twenty years .

The Endorsers.  The straw that broke this camel’s back was when I heard that Rich Froning signed as an endorser.  The “World’s Fittest Man” has been using Advocare for years on his own dime and has just now joined the team because he believes in it. It speaks volumes to me that all the Advocare endorsers used the products on their own before they became public endorsers.  These people are Olympians, NFL,  Bodybuilders, etc. The level of performance is astounding.

The Focus on Performance. Advocare does indeed have “weight loss aids” such as the 24-Day Challenge but they are very clear that it is used in conjunction to a healthy diet and exercise.  The system they offer will NOT work without the work of healthy eating and being active.  Once again, supplements are just PART of the equation.   There are no magic pills here.  Don’t ever assume there is and don’t think I am claiming it. And the TRIM line is just a small part of the catalog of offerings.  There is also the ACTIVE, WELL, and PERFORMANCE ELITE lines.  All of these offer aids to improve your performance in the gym and in life.

This is a product and a company I can stand behind.

So, with all that being said, I am an ADVOCARE INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR!!! (All the links to Advocare go to my personal microsite where you can buy all your products and I earn a small commission).

I am very excited to add ADVOCARE to my offerings.  It makes me a one-stop-shop!!!

Personal Training

Nutrition Coaching


The Future looks bright and I can’t WAIT to help YOU!!!

Feel free to ask me questions!!  Peruse my microsite! Let me know your thoughts!


To the NEW YOU!



And ADVOCARE Makes a Trifecta