To The Mom Who Doesn’t Have the Patience to Homeschool


Dear Mom Friend,


It was so good talking to you today. I always enjoy meeting new people at church, at the park, at the gym, or wherever. We need to stick together in this journey called Motherhood, right?

During our conversation you asked me where my son goes to school. That is a perfectly fair question.

When I said, “Oh, we homeschool,” I could see a switch in your demeanor. It was very subtle but I have gotten very good at detecting it.

You replied, “Oh wow. I could never homeschool. I just don’t have the patience to homeschool.”

I heard those words and just a little bit of me died on the inside. It isn’t because of you at all. Please don’t think that.

My heart broke a tiny bit today because, honestly, patience has absolutely nothing to do with it.






Guess what? I struggle with patience just like the next Mom. Really, I do.

I didn’t sign up for this homeschooling journey because I am some superhero Mom who has patience that grows on trees. I signed up for this gig because I knew in my heart that THIS is what God, my Creator and Savior, has called me to do. HE has called me to die to self every single day as I open myself up and pour into my one and only child. I also know that the One who called me to homeschool also gave me an incredibly unique child who just wouldn’t thrive in the typical school setting.

That superhero cape that you think you see flying in the wind as I tell you I educate my child at home is actually not there. I don’t know where I left it. Is it in the wash? Wait, did I leave it at the library. Oh shoot! Where did I put that cape?! Oh, I know where it is. I left it on the recliner where I keep my Bible.

You see, that’s where I get all the patience I need for the day. It is like manna from Heaven. But, just like manna fell from sky for the Israelites, this manna only comes daily. I have to open myself up for it to be poured in from the His Word.

I am a broken person, just like you. I have my limitations. I have my pains. I am in need of an awesome Savior just like anyone else in this world.

I have to ask for my son’s forgiveness pretty much on a daily basis. I lose my patience with him quite often. I lose my temper too. My sinfulness and brokenness and ugliness is opened wide open in front of my child. He sees it daily.

But…then he sees me pause, admit my failures, and ask my Father for forgiveness. And then he sees me as I kneel by him and he hears me as I ask him for his forgiveness for failing him as his mother, for not guiding him in the way I should. I ask him to forgive me for losing my patience with him or whatever was bothering me at that moment.

He then says, “Mom. I love you so much. Thank you. We all mess up. I forgive you.” We hug and cuddle as Mother and Son but also Brother and Sister in Christ. He makes it clear to me that he really is just on loan to me from our Father.

I am humbled every day as my son extends the patience and forgiveness to me that I so sorely lack. Oh, I so lack it.

So, Mama, I don’t have enough patience to homeschool.

And guess what? You don’t either. We definitely agree on that point.

Homeschool Moms don’t have any special powers that are only handed out to a select few. We are not super heroes. We are broken women just everyone else. Seriously, you have no idea.

What keeps me going if I don’t have the patience to do this?

I will tell you, first, that there are plenty of times that I seriously consider quitting. Oh yes, I want to quit often.

I have to dig deep and find my most vulnerable ‘WHY’ frequently. It is the WHY that makes me CRY. When I am reminded of the WHY I am doing this I can dust off my cape for at least a few minutes and put it on (and then promptly lose it again).

Do you understand now?

I wish I could have told you all this earlier today. I guess we just didn’t have the time and honestly, I am write so much better than I speak. Ha! I think that’s the INFJ in me.

The next time you see a homeschool Mom just know she is doing the best she can with the small portion of manna (patience) she was given for that day. She does not have a patience tree. Don’t we ALL wish we had a patience tree?

And most important of all…homeschool Moms are merely women who have made another choice. We are in no way better or more powerful than any other Mom. We are all doing the best we can with what we have.

Well, I hope we can meet up again!!! Enjoy those kids of yours!! 🙂

To The Mom Who Doesn’t Have the Patience to Homeschool

3 Reasons To Do What Absolutely Scares You

scares 2

When was the last time you wanted to do something but truthfully, it scared you to bits?

Let me tell you a little bit from my side of this story.

I confess I am not the best person to talk about doing new things. My family and friends tease me about how much I resist change. One might even say I am “a stick in the mud.” I like things to stay the same. The same is comfortable and cozy.

But, the same is just that…the same.

I know that very well. It dwells there in my mind all the time and yet I resist with all my might.

Recently, I have been growing bored in my workouts. Running and weight lifting just haven’t been holding my interest. I can’t really explain why except maybe I just need a change. But, what? What exactly could I do to keep up the level of movement that I so desperately desire? I live in a big city now and of course, that means tons of options. I have looked and considered and come to find out that what I needed the most has been right there in front of me.

Guess what my local gym has? An indoor lap pool.

I do know how to swim. I can stay afloat in the water and not drown. I took swimming lessons as a kid but I never progressed to learning the most recognized strokes. For that reason I have always lacked confidence in swimming. Combine that with a 20+ year history of avoiding swimsuits due to my poor body image and you have an anxiety-laden activity.

Here’s the funny thing. Over the last few months I have been known to stare at the pool as I was walking up to the weight room. Something in me pulled me towards that pool. I was enticed and yet repelled.

Being serious about swimming meant facing a whole lot of demons and doing something that scares the bits out of me.

Fast forward and I am happy to say that I am in that pool several times a week complete with a nice swimsuit, swim cap, and goggles. I am slowly but surely facing those demons and doing what scares me.

What about you? When WAS the last time you did something that scares you? Has it been awhile?

Well, here are three reasons to do what absolutely scares you in case you need a little push.

1. Humility 

Learning to swim properly has been a big ‘ole slice of humble pie served up warm and  a la mode. I have had to go all the way back to the start. I am spending all my swimming workouts doing various drills just so I can relearn how to be comfortable in the water again, how to breathe properly, and how to glide through the water without sinking like an anvil. It is tough because there are days that I get so bored doing these drills over and over again. I look one lane over at the kid half my age or some other adult gliding seamlessly through the water and doing flip turns over and over again all the while I am in my lane focusing on floating on my back, not sinking or inhaling water. Often I get frustrated because I so want to be that fish-like, flip-turning swimmer. I want the confidence in the water that I have in the weight room or the road. But, I know that I can’t get there by skipping crucial steps. Did I walk into the weight room and dead-lift 225 for reps my first day? HA HA! Not even close. On my first day I was holding onto my husband’s arm as we slowly made our way from one machine to the next. I was scared then too.  And then slowly over time, and on a constant diet of humble pie, I WAS able to walk in there like a boss and dead-lift 225 for reps. It took being willing to admit that I really don’t know anything about this stuff. It meant being coachable and taking it one step at a time.

Being humble means admitting that you need help.

Being humble means saying, “Hey! I know nothing but I want to learn. Could you help me?”

Being humble means being willing to be molded in the fire and to come out the other end stronger.

I am still working on those drills several times a week. I have a goal in mind of doing an open water swim. I don’t know how long it will take. I will do these drills for however long I have to to build the foundation I need. It will happen. I just have to be humble and patient.


2. Bust Out of Your Comfort Zone

Quite honestly, staying in your comfort zone is rather boring. Don’t you think so too?

But your comfort zone is comfy and cozy. It is safe and cloistered. The sad thing is that personal development does not happen in the comfort zone. It can’t. Like I said above you have to be humble enough to admit you need to molded into something new but for that happen you have to actually go to the fire or wheel for that molding to occur. You have to admit your need for help and then step out of your comfort zone to make that happen.

I will be honest and say that swimming scares me. I am not so much scared of the water but I am scared of doing something that requires so much humility. And then throw in the crazy notion of swimming in a big body of water where I can’t touch the bottom. It scares me. But, I KNOW I will be a completely different person when I finally achieve that goal. I will have been humble and been willing to be forged that fire. It will be awesome.

3. Growth, Empowerment, and Confidence

WOW!  Think about how you will feel when you have achieved that thing that scared you for so long. Take a moment and think about it nice and long.

When I think about how I will feel when I have swam well in that pool and ultimately, in that open water I see myself feeling ten feet tall and bulletproof. I will stand tall. I will be confident and empowered. I did what I thought was impossible. Those demons did not hold me back. I stared them in the face and I got ‘er done.

You achieved something awesome! Now take that growth, empowerment, and confidence to do something even bigger. Don’t waste all the good that comes from facing a fear and coming out on the other end.  Seriously, we can change lives when we don’t squander all that goodness.

You’ve heard about my journey to learn how to swim. Now, I want to hear about what YOU are going to do that scares you now. SOUND OFF in the comments. 🙂





3 Reasons To Do What Absolutely Scares You

Does It Bring You Joy?


It is so very interesting to look over the timeline of my health and fitness journey. There have been plenty of bumps in the road and even some times of very emotional introspection. I have had to work through some very unhealthy relationships with food and exercise. I had to silence all the other voices surrounding me telling me how and what I should be doing to ensure I am their definition of healthy. It has been a long journey of finding who I really am and what I truly want for myself and my own body.

You can read more about my journey by reading these past blog posts:

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The Mellowing of Fitness

To The Pit and Back

Coming To Peace With Food: My Journey From Restriction to Freedom

I am happy to say that I have found a very good place and it is a place I can stay for the rest of my life.

It all boils down to SIMPLICITY and JOY.

As I get older….I always laugh when I say that because I sound so much older than I am. I am all of 36. Nonetheless, as I get older I find that I long for and desire simplicity more and more with each passing day. I don’t want my life to get more complicated. I want it to become more simple.  I want simplicity in my eating and in my exercising. I once did the macronutrient counting and the complicated workouts. There was a time and a place for all that and I won’t say I will never go back but for now it is simplicity I seek. All the counting and logging is just too much for me right now.

So, how do I find that simplicity in eating and exercise?

I can sum it up in one word: JOY. 

I ask myself one simple question. (See?  Simplicity). Does this bring me JOY?

When I am planning my meals for the week I ask myself what dishes will bring my family and me JOY.  I am even asking my family more what they want to eat that week. Keep in mind that this does not mean junk all the time. A lot of junk does not bring me much JOY because I feel sluggish and unproductive afterwards. But, JOY isn’t always found in the salads, chicken and veggies, and protein shakes of my former years either. JOY is found in what I want and what I know will fuel my week the best way possible. Eating should never be a chore. It should be an experience and a privilege. JOY is found in sitting around the table as my family and I eat together and enjoy the food over fun conversation. JOY is not found in eating out of a tupperware while my family eat something I’d rather be eating.

I ask the same question when it is time to exercise as well. Does this bring me JOY? Every day is different and every day brings its own ups and downs. Some days I am so energized and ready to lift some really heavy weights and some days I long to be in the sun as I run for miles. Some days I want to splash in the pool with my family and some days I want to swim meditative laps at the gym pool. It really depends on the day.  There might even be a day when what brings me JOY is taking a nice nap on the couch with my son because rest is what my body needs.  I exercise most days of the week because I love it and I long for it. I do what brings me JOY.

Somebody may easily wonder if this way of doing things is too loosey goosey and lacks focus. Perhaps. It works for me. Here’s the really awesome thing. My body is responding to the lack of pressure and stress. I am experiencing the best recomposition I’ve ever had, even more so than when I was more regimented. What’s happening here is that by seeking JOY in my eating and my exercise I am more in tune with what my body is telling me and by doing so it is responding positively.

Does this mean that I completely oppose food logging, macro counting, or structured workout plans? Not in the least. Like I said before there is a time and a place for all that. I may choose to enter some sort of athletic competition in the future and that will require a more structured training and eating plan. That’s perfectly cool with me. It will work for me then and it will bring me JOY.

I want my life to be full of simplicity and joy. I want my food and my movement to be big parts of my life for the rest of my life. To do that I need to find simplicity and joy in my food and movement. I believe I have done that by simply asking:

Does It Bring You Joy?

Tell me: What brings you JOY????



Does It Bring You Joy?

Encouragement in Habits


Life has taken a busy turn in my life right now and in many ways I welcome the energy of it. While I don’t enjoy being busy for the sake of being busy I do enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with a job well done. That being said I confess I wasn’t completely sure I would be able to write in the blog this week. For a split second I considered letting it go for “just this week” but I know how that goes and I don’t like it.

So, I wanted to pop on here for a quick moment and offer some encouragement to those who are starting their journey.

It has been five years since I started taking my health and fitness seriously. I have been through all kinds of seasons. Some seasons were very good and some were not so good. I had many victories and made some bad choices.

But, the one thing that sticks out to me now is the importance of habits. It is the habits that you form slowly over time that will take you to the victory lane of this journey.

I remember when I started exercising and being more intentional about what I ate that it truly seemed like I was thinking about it constantly. I felt like I was living and breathing food and exercise. I had to consider every single bite I took. I had to think about what I was eating, why I was eating it, when I was eating it, and how I was eating it. I would totally High-Five myself when I chose a piece of fruit over a sleeve of cookies. I had to go completely against my nature to put on gym clothes and move each day. At the start it was a mental battle just to get out the door and walk around the block. For weeks I promised myself I would put on gym clothes and walk and that’s it. That was so hard too.

Does it feel that way to you? It is perfectly okay if it does. I remember how hard it was to get started and to keep going.

Forming those habits is HARD work!

This is where the encouragement comes in. 🙂 While forming those habits is indeed hard work, I want you to know that with consistent effort those habits do form and making your health and fitness a priority goes on auto-pilot.

I could go on and on and on and on about how habits are formed and how you can implement them into your life and I will probably do that in the near future. But, today I just wanted to pop on here today to let you know that it DOES happen.

Consistency with Habits = Habits Formed

Five years later, my habits are more or less formed. I am always working on improving but the basic habits are firmly in place. Getting quality movement each day is not a mental struggle anymore. It is an assumed part of my day. When at first exercise felt like an intrusion into my day it is now an essential part of my day and not exercising feels like an intrusion.

My pantry is completely different than it used to be and the same goes with my fridge. When at first it took a lot of mental energy to choose to buy the apples and not the cookies that is not the case anymore. I can walk right on through the cookie aisle and not even look at them. Do I eat cookies? I sure do but not nearly as often as I used to. They are a treat instead of a staple.

I ended up writing more than I thought I was going to today but that’s okay, right?

The main point I want to get across is to encourage you as you are forming those habits. It can seem so hard at the start and in many ways it is hard. It takes a lot of mental energy to choose something that goes against your current habits.

But, with each habit-forming choice you make you are moving down the path to when it won’t take so much energy. If you stay consistent there WILL be a day when daily movement and good nutrition are just parts of your day and you won’t have to think about it.

Before I leave, please remember that you must give yourself grace on this journey. No, you will not get it right every day. Success is not a straight line. It is an all jumbled up line that slowly makes its way upwards over time.

You WILL get there.



Encouragement in Habits

It All Comes Down to Choices


You may remember my letter to myself 5 years ago as I was starting my fitness journey. I shared a little bit of wisdom that I have learned over the last five years and things I wish my 5 years ago self could have known to avoid a lot of frustration and pain. Since then I have been pondering even more what I wish I could have told myself and what I would tell other people as they are starting their journey. I am sure I could write a long series of blog posts on what I have learned but honestly, it all boils down to one thing.


Where we go in our fitness and health journeys all come down to the choices we make.

That sounds totally non-profound, doesn’t it? It is easy to think to yourself, “Well, of course it all comes down to choices! That’s nothing new!”

You are totally right but I think in many ways it really is profound for many people, including myself.

When we start down the road of improving our health it is so easy to get confused and to get lost. There is tons of information out there that support and contradict what we are trying to achieve. It is so easy to be lead down the wrong path by information that just seems to be the answer.

When you are starting a new lifestyle it can be daunting and downright scary. I remember. You so want to succeed and to honestly, just feel better. That is really all you want. So, you go out and start the storm of researching. You come across all kinds of information and chances are you don’t know how to weed through the good information and the misleading information. Your intentions are good but you are in the position to be easily lead down a deep, dark rabbit hole.

As you are seeking out the information you look to the information and the programs as the answers to your success. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

But, that is not the case at all.

Exercise and nutrition plans are excellent sources of information and education when the information is solid. I started out by following a specific program and I will be forever grateful for that program because it greatly increased my confidence in the weight room and I tap into that same confidence every time I lift. Good programs are the answer to educating you when you have no experience or knowledge. Using a program is asking for help when you know you need it.


Programs are not the answer to your success.

When I say ‘program’ I am referring to anything that you go to for help in your journey. It can be a new exercise routine, a new diet plan, a meal replacement shake, a supplement regimen, or whatever you may choose.

As a coach and as a friend I have heard on countless occasions ladies saying things like, “This program is the exactly what I need!! If this doesn’t work I don’t know what WILL work!” I WAS that person saying those things. I would find a new program and think that THIS WAS IT! THIS is the answer to make all my dreams come true.

As I have gone through countless programs and regimens over the years I have discovered that an old cliché saying is in fact quite true.

Wherever you go……there you are.

I realized that no matter what shiny new program I was using that the common denominator was ME. It was always me. I will readily admit that I have done good programs that offered sound information and I have done programs that only fed into my disordered habits. Either way the common denominator was still always me.

I researched and researched trying to find the answers I needed outside of myself in new programs. When I did not find success in one program I would find some kind of reason why it failed me and why it was not the right program for me. Then I would go looking for the next program that would be the answer. I did this over and over and over again.

Does this sound familiar?

It was not until this past year that my thick skull was able to see the whole story as a one big picture. I saw it was not the programs that failed me.

I failed me.

I failed to see my place in this story.

I failed to see that it was MY CHOICES that determined my path.

Once that made perfect sense I started to make changes.

I saw that I choose the path I want to go on. Then it is all about every choice I make along the way.

I always wondered about the people that I met along the way who were extremely successful and didn’t seem to struggle with it. The common denominator was that these people accepted that it was their choices that determined their path and it was all about personal responsibility.

YOU choose what you eat and when you eat it.

YOU choose if you move or not today.

YOU choose how much sleep you get at night.

YOU choose how much sunshine you get each day.

YOU choose how you prioritize your time.

YOU choose your goals and how to achieve those goals.

YOU choose if you will reach out for help or not.

You can choose to use a program for education or even as a little kick in the tail but when it all boils down it is ALL YOU.

YOU choose if you will use the program or not.

As a friend and as a coach I respect your choices and I respect your personal responsibility. I can hold your hand and I can guide you but I cannot make your choices for you. I CANNOT make you want it.

Desire comes 100% from you. And Success comes 100% from you.

CLAIM your choices and claim your success.

Once I stopped looking outside of myself for the answers to my success and I looked within myself I saw success. 



It All Comes Down to Choices

In Praise of Stillness

In praise of stillness

When I first started writing this post I started to entitle it, “In Praise of Slow,” but then I remembered that title was already taken. I remembered where I saw that title was from an extremely good TED talk by Carl Honore.  You can see that TED talk over here and I highly recommend that you do.   He discusses how the US and the rest of the world is joining “The Cult of Speed” and he invites all of us to slow down our lives.

I am finding this to be very true in my own life.

For a long time I found that in many ways I judged my own value and worth by how busy I was.  It could be busy at home, busy at work, busy at school, or busy at church service.  I wanted to be more and more and more busy to fill my time.  I thought to be successful was to have every minute accounted for and figuring out how to fit more and more into that time.  If only I didn’t need to sleep.

One day I came to a very jarring realization during my morning devotional.  I am seeking ‘busy’ because if I slow down, I will have to listen.  I will have to listen to God’s voice more closely and change.  I didn’t want to face myself and I didn’t want to face what God had to say. I stayed busy so I wouldn’t have to ask myself the hard questions.   So, I stayed busy.

Well, God has a way of getting his voice heard.

In the more recent months, I have been finding myself going in the opposite direction.  Instead of seeking busy, I am seeking stillness.

I still do the same things that I used to do. I still keep the house the same.  I still run our homeschool the same.  I even train more at the gym more than I used to and my business is slowly growing.  But, the difference is that I am not rushing from one the thing to the next.  I still have my check lists and my goals but I consider my time and my effort a lot more closely.  I don’t jump on opportunities to fill my time but I pray before I commit.

I should pause for a moment to explain the difference between “good stillness (or slowness)” and “bad stillness.”   I believe it is because of the “bad stillness” that people, including me, find it hard to slow down.  We think that slowing down means being lazy and non-productive.  There is good reason for that but it doesn’t have to be true.  You can, indeed, slow down and be just as productive and dare I say, more productive than before.  That is the “good stillness” and slowness.

I confess my new found love of stillness has been challenged as we have recently moved to a new area. The activities are new and the people are new.  Previously, I would instantly want to hit the ground running and fill my time with activities for my son and for myself.  But, going into this move I heard God’s voice very clearly saying that this was an opportunity to learn more about stillness and slowness.  I shouldn’t jump on opportunities because they are there but I should prayerfully consider how my time can be best used. It is hard because I find myself in lonely times, wanting a stronger social network, sometimes.

But, the benefit of a move and a new area is that I am working with a fresh slate.  Instead of stepping back from obligations because I need more stillness I can be more careful in what I take on in the first place.  I believe that I am in a much better place to take on more as the opportunities arrive.  I can give a much better “YES” that is not tired, but is willing, able, and excited.

The fun thing is that in my search for stillness I have found some wonderful hobbies that truly help me slow down.

I have started swimming. Being in the pool is very calming to me.  It is so quiet when I am under the water.  The rhythm of the strokes is almost meditative.  I still seek to improve my strokes and my endurance and I have goals for what I want to achieve. I just get to improve myself all the while receiving therapy for a ‘slower’ activity.

I am reading more and by its very nature reading forces you to slow down.  I turn off the computer at a certain time each night and I either curl up on the couch or lie down on the bed to read for a while.  It is wonderful.  It is slow and my mind is full of interesting ideas.

And, finally, I color.  I laugh as I write that but it is so true.  As I was starting to learn about slowing down and the benefits of it I learned about the growing trend of adults who color.  I printed off a few pages from Pinterest at first and loved it.  I found that I found it very calming and that I think very clearly when I’m coloring. I can can listen to audio books more easily when coloring and I can pray more easily when coloring.  Then I found about the book Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book by Johanna Basford and just had to have it. This book is so lovely and I look forward to the stolen moments I can spend coloring in the pages.

Here is an example of one of my finished pages…

2015-01-22 20.58.05

I am sure my life will become more busy as we establish a life in our new home. There are fun things to be done. There are things to learn and there are businesses to grow. But, this time I won’t be just filling up time. I will instead seek stillness as I utilize my time well.

How do you seek stillness in your life?


In Praise of Stillness

The Mellowing of Fitness

The Mellowing of Fitness

I have been on quite the fitness journey over the last five or so years.   I have gone from being and avid runner to being an avid weight lifter and then back to avid runner and then back to weightlifting and then back to running and weightlifting.  Whoo! It is exhausting just to read that sentence let alone process all the changes.  Well, here’s a monkey wrench for you.  Now, I am loving swimming laps at our local YMCA that has an indoor pool.

There was a time when I was very “all or nothing” about my view of fitness.   If I was in a weight lifting phase then it was weightlifting and nothing else.  There is nothing wrong with being dedicated and committed to what you love but I wouldn’t cross-train and honestly thought weightlifting was the one and only way to be fit.  I had the same attitude about running when I was in a running phase (quite a few times).  I would run and run and run or lift and lift and lift at the exclusion of other things until I would burn out or get injured.

As I am getting older, I am finding my “all or nothing” attitude about fitness is really starting to mellow out.  I am just as dedicated to keeping a fit lifestyle.  I train just as much as I always have.

My focus has just evolved.  My goals have changed.

I would once set extremely lofty goals (ex. run a marathon, compete in a powerlifting meet, compete in figure, etc. ) and when I wouldn’t achieve those goals I would take it as failure and totally hate myself for it. Those are all very good goals to have and I have the utmost respect for those who have them and achieve them.  I just had an unhealthy focus.  I put my personal value in achieving them.  Not good.

I think the best way to sum up my relationship with fitness now is that I have totally “Chilled Out.”

The passion is still there.

I still depend on movement for my physical and emotional health.

I am just much kinder to my mental state and to my body.

I create or follow workout programs but I am not married to them.

There are days when I just need to be out in the sunshine.  So, I go for a run.  My lifting routine can wait a day.  Sometimes, I just need silence and rhythm.  So, I go to the indoor pool for a nice, long session of lap swimming.  And some days I just need to lift something super heavy.  So, I hit the weights.

The difference here is that I know that fitness is a lifelong lifestyle.   If I want to focus on swimming for awhile, that is okay.  Running and weights are not going anywhere.  They’ll be waiting patiently for me.  The same goes for any other discipline I may choose to adopt be it yoga, crossfit, boxing, cycling, or whatever.

I also know that whatever I am focusing on needs to be complemented with other disciplines so as to offer cross training.

I train now because I crave movement.  I can’t be sedentary.  I want to live a healthy and active life until the day Jesus calls me home.

I often say, “The best workout is the one you will actually do.”

I am enjoying being more balanced in the journey that has no deadline.

With that being said, I am going to go lift some weights and tomorrow, I swim.


The Mellowing of Fitness