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I am so happy and excited to tell everyone that I have obtained my Precision Nutrition Level I Coaching Certification. When I signed up for the program I knew that Precision Nutrition is the premier organization for Nutrition Coaching. Not only do they offer certifications they also have an extremely successful coaching program they open twice a year. I did tons of research and the most telling detail was that I found no negatives about Precision Nutrition coaching and certification.

The certification program is divided into two sections. Section one is intense science on nutrition, how different foods are digested and utilized, energy balance, chemistry, etc. etc. etc. It was tough getting through the first half of the book. The second half was on coaching. This is where many nutrition certifications fall short. They teach the science but they don’t teach how to deliver that information and help people change. Knowing this I knew I picked the right certification.

So, what does Nutrition Coaching involve?

1) I will give you a stack of paperwork to fill out. I know. It isn’t fun but it is necessary. This paperwork will help me to understand you and where we are starting. We need that foundation to build on and improve.

2) We will discuss your limiting factors. Limiting factors are the things that are preventing you from achieving your goals. For example, I am a major emotional eater. I have to stay on top of my emotions (good or bad) and establish habits that don’t involve eating as a direct response to my emotions.

3) We will discuss and establish good habits. Habits such as not rushing through your food, drinking your water every day, eating a lean protein and vegetables with every meal, and properly timing your carbohydrate intake. For most people, establishing healthy habits is all you need to do to reach your goals.

4) We will go over what you are actually eating (this requires honesty) and discuss what to throw out and what to include. Replace the bad with the good.

5) We will put together a nutrition plan that will include a daily caloric goal and if desired, those calories will be broken down into proteins, carbohydrates, and fats percentages.

6) I will give you the tools for being successful so that you can take control of your own eating.

7) I will continually educate you on food and healthy eating.

8) We will do weigh ins, measurements, and pictures. While uncomfortable for many all three of these tools will help us track progress. And when you reach your goal, you will feel AMAZING when you put your BEFORE picture next to your AFTER picture.

9) We will meet every week or every two weeks face to face or remotely. We will discuss the time in between meetings. We will take new measurements. And we will tweak and adjust your nutrition plan as needed to keep the progress moving forward.

10) I will be your encourager and motivator. I will help you dig through all the layers until you KNOW that you are WORTH it and YOU CAN DO IT!

11) I will help you develop a healthy relationship with food. You will eat and you will enjoy it. Food will not haunt you. I will help you find peace in eating.

12) You will NOT starve!!!! You will have energy and mental focus because you are fueling your body with good food.

13) The most important thing: You will have access to me all the time. You will be able to email me, message me, or text me. You can ask questions. You can ask for support. You can cry on my shoulder or express frustration. I will talk you down from diving head first into that bag of Cheetos. I will take your hand and walk you through this.

What is Nutrition Coaching not?

1) It is NOT a diet. Diets are short-term and often times extreme. Many people do more harm than good in their ill-informed efforts to achieve a healthy size.

2) It is NOT short-term. True change takes consistency and determination. It takes time. The results you want take time to achieve and to maintain. I know this is not the sexy or popular way of doing things. It is hard work but it is SO WORTH IT!!

3) It is NOT extreme. So many ‘diets’ (see, that bad word again) require you to be extreme be it in reducing calories or eliminating entire food groups. We take a balanced and sustainable approach. It is an approach you can keep doing forever even after you have achieved your goals. And your body will thank you for it.
There is so much chatter out there in regards to nutrition and weight loss. It is a HUGE market.

What would happen if you turned off all the chatter and you had someone to speak truth to you?

What would happen if you turned off all that chatter and you actually listened to your body?

What would happen if you gave your body what it really, honestly needs?

I know…..

You would reach your goals AND would become a stronger and more confident person.


Interested in Nutrition Coaching?

I can coach locally and remotely.

Shoot me a message via my Contact Form and we will discuss if Nutrition Coaching is right for you.


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