Learn to Take Compliments

How often do you hear a compliment and you just deflect it?

Do you say….

“Oh, I have a long way to go, though.”


“No, you must be kidding.”


“It was nothing, really.”

I do it too but I am learning something new.

What if we all decided to really change things up and actually started taking compliments?

First off, you need to know that you are worthy of and deserve the compliment you are receiving.  The first step is to acknowledge that.

People who accept compliments are comfortable and confident in their own skin. They know that what is being said about them is true and are willing to acknowledge it when said by another person.

Second, you need to show other people that they are important too by  accepting their compliment.  When you accept a compliment you are basically telling that person that you value her opinion and her opinion is important to you.  Even if you don’t feel like the compliment is 100% true (key word there is FEEL) remember that deflecting the compliment is downplaying someone else’s opinion.

Show other people their value by accepting your own value. Tricky, huh?

Also remember that if you deflect too many compliments you will eventually notice that you are getting less and less compliments.  Who wants to say something positive and have it thrown back?  Stop that process and accept the compliment.  We all need to hear verbal slaps-on-the-back.

What can you say when accepting a compliment?

“Thank you.”

“I appreciate that.”

“You are so sweet for noticing.”

“You are so kind to say that to me.”

“I have been working hard on this and it makes me feel so good knowing someone else is noticing.”

Don’t forget to smile!! 🙂

I think we sometimes feel that by deflecting compliments we are being humble.  In some ways that is true but in the long run that humility does more damage than good. You don’t accept your own worth.  You don’t acknowledge the validity of other opinions.  And the cycle continues.

Next time you hear a compliment, try this….

Look the person in the eye.


Say, “Thank you.”

And if it is appropriate at that time give the person a compliment too especially if that person is instrumental in your success. Just be sure you are being genuine.

“You are looking so good these days!!”

“Thank you so much!!  But, you know, I couldn’t do it without your support.  You mean so much to me.”

As you are working on learning to take compliments also practice giving compliments.  Be honest and be genuine.  Share the love and make someone else’s day. So many times I have heard someone say, “So and So said ‘XYZ’ and it totally made my day. I needed to hear that.”

Lift people up and Be Lifted Up!!!

What is the most awesome compliment you have ever received??




Learn to Take Compliments

Focus on Goals

Throw away your scale!!!

Or at least put it away in your closet.

I know the lure of the scale.  I know the power it can have over you.

How often do you weight yourself? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? At all?

What happens when you see that number pop up?  Do you feel victory?  Or defeat?  How does it affect your day? Do you feel bummed the rest of the day? Or do you float like a feather all day?

Yeah, I know those fluctuations of emotions.  I feel victorious when I see a “good” number and I feel defeated when I see a “bad” number.

It stinks.

Hear me!

NO ONE should be a slave to the scale!!!!!!

The scale does not define you.

Found at the Curvy and Beautiful FB page...https://www.facebook.com/CurvyAndBeautiful
Found at the Curvy and Beautiful FB page…https://www.facebook.com/CurvyAndBeautiful

Sooooo, what do you do if you give up the scale?

Focus on Goals instead.

What kind of goals?

Increasing strength…

Fitting into those favorite jeans……

Wearing a swimsuit with confidence……

Lowering your blood pressure and/or cholesterol……

Running a race….

Playing with your kids without getting winded…..

Do you notice a trend here?

There is no mention of weight.  There is no need for a scale.

Try this. Pick a goal and pursue it with passion. And guess what?  I bet you will achieve your weight goals without even thinking about it.  And instead of being a slave to your scale you will gain confidence as you achieve each goal.

I think that is far better.  Don’t you?

Tell me…..how do you feel about the scale? What kind of goals do you have right now??  I’d love to hear your stories. 🙂

Focus on Goals

Cutting and Diet: Where the REAL Change Happens

Yesterday I started my new workout program.  Shortcut To Shred is proving to be quite a workout.  The cardio acceleration technique kept me sweating and my heart pumping big time the whole workout.  I plugged in my music and moved with a purpose through the workout and I was extra thrilled to see I did it from start to finish in just over an hour.  That absolutely made my day.

The workout, however, is only a small part of the  program.  The real change will happen in the kitchen.  My diet or nutrition plan will be the KEY to my results.

UGH!!  Can I be honest??

I really do hate that nutrition is the key to change.

I’m sure you’ve heard the sayings….

“Abs are made in the kitchen.”

“80% Diet & 20% Training”

“You Can’t Out-Train a Bad Diet!”

They are very annoying but they are very true.

I can exercise all day long because I enjoy it.  I love the endorphins and the rush.  I love seeing progress in my performance and in my appearance.  Going to the gym is a “get to” activity instead of a “have to” activity.

But, following a nutrition plan is hard for me.  It is.

That being said and now that this confession is in the open I will say that me not liking to follow a nutrition plan will not prevent me from actually following one.

I will just put my head down and do what I have to do.

I will be determined and focused.

I will remember that “Food is Fuel” before “Food is Pleasure.”

I will be a victor and remember that while I can eat whatever I want, my goals and ambitions are far bigger than any yummy junk food.

I will lean on my awesome husband for support.

And I will PRAY!!!!

So, here are the details….

I am following the nutrition plan that goes with Shortcut to Shred. It has three phases.  The first phase has the most calories and is broken down into these macros:

1.5 grams protein

1.5 grams carbohydrates

0.5 grams fat

…….per pounds body weight.

The menu plan provided assumes a 180 lb. male so I’m having to tweak it down to fit me.

Phase One is for only one week

Phase two keeps the protein and fat macros the same (1.5 grams and 0.5 grams) and carbohydrates drop to 1 gram/lb body weight.  Phase two is weeks 2 and 3.

Finally, Phase three keeps protein and fat the same once again but carbohydrates drops to 0.5 grams per pound body weight.  Phase three is for weeks 4-6.  It will be hard but the part that will make this phase awesome will be the “re-feed day” each week. That day I will get to load up on the carbohydrates in order to keep my metabolism burning away.

Here is a disclaimer:

We amazingly brought back a fair amount of food back from vacation.  I made a bunch of stews and soups to freeze for the week and we ate none of it.  My family was so generous in sharing their food that we had all this to bring back home. Being that we never waste food we will be eating through all this food first before we dive head first into the nutrition plan.  We will eat the soups and stews for lunch and dinner and follow the plan for breakfast and snacks.  When the vacation food runs out we will switch over to the nutrition plan.

For this reason, we are going to do week one of training twice.  I guess you could say this week is an “ease into it” week and then the REAL fun begins next week.

Here is to a great seven weeks!!!!

Are you following any kind of workout plan?  Where did you get it? What do you think?

Comment and let me know!!!


Cutting and Diet: Where the REAL Change Happens

Back from Vacation and Cardio Acceleration


Those who read my blog regularly were still blessed with scheduled posts I wrote before vacation but the face behind the page was out-of-pocket all week.

I know my Facebook page has been suffering but I just had to unplug for a week.  It felt beyond wonderful to actually be in a place that doesn’t even have Wi-Fi or 3G or 4G or whatever.  I could go to the main building for Wi-Fi if I really REALLY wanted to but I’d rather be rocking and reading my book.

I am back and itching to get back to it.   Well, I am ready assuming I am not swallowed up by this mountain of laundry.

Today marks the start of my new exercise plan.  I am going from bulking (or gaining muscle) to cutting (losing fat).  You might remember my post last Thursday on this subject.

I am excited to change gears. I am beyond ready to train for the goal of losing fat.

The last couple months of  training has involved lifting progressively heavy weights with no cardio.  Woot!!  NO CARDIO!!  I hit quite a few personal records on weights and made great strength gains.  My muscles have grown and I am happy with my progress.

This plan will continue with the weights but I will include a technique called cardio acceleration into the workouts. Check out this brief video of Jim Stoppani explaining what cardio acceleration is. (Note: This Dude has a Ph.D in this stuff and I often go to him for workout information. I am nerdy like that.)

Read this article to get a more thorough explanation and to understand the technique better. I am excited to try this out.

Basically, I will continue lifting weights like I have been doing but instead of taking a rest period between sets I will do a form of cardio for that one minute.  I can do mountain climber, burpees, box jumps, jump roaping, bench step ups, kettlebell swings, etc.  It will be quick and tough.  I have no doubt I will be a sweaty mess at the end of the workout.

Here’s the thing.  The other times I did a cutting phase I would lift the weights and then did some form of cardio. By the time I had to do cardio I RARELY wanted to do it.  I already hate cardio and then tack it on the end of a workout when I am already tired was not a good mix.  Some days I would just skip it.  I know….not exactly a good example, huh?

That’s why I am so excited about this method.  I get the best of both worlds. I get the resistance training AND cardio all the in the same time slot.  There is no having to switch my mind from one to the other.  Boom Boom Boom Boom!  Weights–Cardio—Weights—Cardio—on and on it goes.

I am so ready to get started!!

Can you tell I’m excited?!?!?!?!

I will keep you posted on how it goes.  This is a six week program.  That is good because it is just long enough to make progress but not long enough that I get bored. Ha Ha!

Back from Vacation and Cardio Acceleration

Inspiration Saturday

I have this as my Facebook Cover on my Facebook page (Have you visited lately??). It is one of my all-time FAVORITE verses and there are days I say it to myself over and over again. There is so much comfort and peace here.

AND this verse has a lot to do with me naming my son, Caleb. You see, this verse comes at a time when the Hebrews were about to enter the Promised Land. They were scared of what the future held. Only Joshua and Caleb were willing to face the fear head on because “the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Caleb means “bold and faithful.” I named him that because I want that to be his legacy. Oh, and Joshua and Caleb were the only original (those who left Egypt) Hebrews to actually enter the Promised Land. Even Moses was not allowed to enter. Powerful stuff!!

Be Blessed!


Workout Challenge: Vacation Edition

Heading home from vacation today. We’ll be home soon but I am still in the vacation frame of mind. So, in honor of my wonderful vacation I give you your workout challenge of the week….Watch this video. 🙂

I LOVE this video. And I LOVE Rocky. Call me corny but I often think of myself as Rocky and the opponent in the ring as my old self. We are dooking it out and it is hard but I ultimately win the fight. *CHEERS*

Maybe it is the deep dark dream of mine to learn boxing. Did I just say that? I love this video and it inspires me every time I watch it.

Enjoy your weekend because the new workout plan starts MONDAY!!!!!!

Workout Challenge: Vacation Edition

From Bulking to Cutting…

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

I’m on vacation.

And guess what?

There has been ZERO exercise. *GASP*

Okay, I guess walking down the mountain from my lovely cabin to get a hand dipped ice cream cone and then walking back counts for exercise. Splashing in the pool with my son counts too. Or putt putt.  Or frisbee golf. Or flipping through my book as I drink coffee while rocking on the porch and staring at the Appalachian mountains. Right?

I’ve also had zero sense of nutrition plan.  I’ve eaten when I wanted and what I wanted.

Oh, the blessed vacation bliss. 🙂

That is about to come to an end, though.  We will be returning home and real life begins again.

When I get home I will be entering a new workout and nutrition plan.

I will be going from bulking, or training and eating to gain muscle, to cutting.  Cutting means I will be training to cut the fat out from between the muscles to show more definition.

The hope is that the bulking phase built the muscles up so that they are more prominent. To build the muscles you must eat more calories beyond maintenance.  Unfortunately, that usually does include gaining some fat. My fat gain has been fairly small but I am ready to get rid of it.

So, A’Cutting I will go.

Here’s the plan….My husband and I will be following the Shortcut to Shred plan over at Bodybuilding.com.  It is a 6 week program with 6 workouts a week.  I know life will happen and while I plan to hit the gym for each workout I also know I can get a decent workout at home if needed.

I will also have to be laser beam focused with my diet.  All progress happens in the kitchen.  This will be my struggle.  But, honestly, I am so ready to cut that the diet is not as daunting as I used to think it would be.

I will be posting on my progress as I go through this cutting phase?  Should I post before and after pictures?  I am excited about going through this with you!!  Monday is quickly approaching.  Bring it!!!

After this 6 weeks of Shortcut to Shred I will be doing an experiment that I am very excited about.  But, I will announce that closer to the fact.

From Bulking to Cutting…